Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Gracious Gift

Yesterday as I was working away there came a knock at the door; Snackers had made an appointment for a bug guy because we've seen a few fire ants on the back patio and where there are a few there are bound to be more, especially with Vladdy being out there so much.  So I go to the door and, to my surprise, the post man stands there before me with a huge box in his arms.  'It must be my curtains' I think, as I sign his receipt; 'I hope they look as good as they did online'.

But as I return to my desk, a nail file in my hand to cut the tape away, I notice the return address: Laryssa (who's last name I will not share because I don't know if she wants me to).  She had mentioned that she wanted to send Snackers and I a housewarming gift but a box this size?  I open it up, and what do I find?  A beautiful card with a letter inside.  Words of great wisdom from someone who knows: Take it easy, enjoy it, don't kill yourself unpacking!  Setting the card aside I see a plethora of toys - a Ninja, a slicer, a peeler, a shredder, knives, and scissors!

Well the first thing that I did was arranged it all so it would fit in one picture and sent it, via text message, to Snackers - then I sat down to email Laryssa to say thank you.  Almost immediately my phone rings and it is Snackers on the line blown away, as I am, at her generosity and thoughtfulness!  So thank you Laryssa, for the wonderful gift.  Thank you from both of us, with all of our hearts.  Snackers came home from work bearing sacks of surprises; a watermelon, some blueberries, grapes, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and jalapenos.  I suppose that meant he was eager to try out the Ninja but I asked him "what exactly am I making here a smoothie or pico de gallo?" and he said "Why not both?".  lol!  I said "Are you going to eat them together because that sounds like an awfully strange combination to me!"

We had to leave for football practice before I could start on the pico but I did make us some smoothies when we got home last night and they were awesome.  The Ninja pitcher is the coolest thing ever - I poured what we wanted, snapped on the lid, and put the rest in the fridge.  That is so awesome!!!  Thank you!

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 serving peanut butter
1 homemade tuna melt
1 homemade fruit smoothie
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,117

Walked to the box and checked the mail
Hunted through the house for 45 minutes looking for the breaker box (when the hell did they start putting them outside?!)
Hung the curtains in the master bedroom
Installed the new digital thermostat
Cleaned up the kitchen
Installed cabinet knobs on the wet bar
Folded two loads of laundry and put them away / hung them up


  1. What a wonderful surprise!! And the bonus is that you'll use them all the time :)

  2. We've already used them three times! I made a smoothie with blueberries, ice, and skim milk the first night and I had some left over so I put the lid on the pitcher attachment and put it right into the fridge. I then had the rest of the smoothie last night. Then Snackers came home from football practice last night and made a milk shake with ice cream, blueberries, milk, and sugar. I had a sip, because who wouldn't right?, and it was like a professional milk shake from a malt shop - perfect consistency!

  3. Wow, that's awesome!


  4. I LOVE my ninja! I'm getting my sister one as a housewarming gift! ha.

  5. That is awesome! Smoothies are great. My favorite green smoothie is 2 cups of spinach, 1 carton of yogurt (whatever yummy flavor you want), 1 navel orange (2 if they're smaller), and a few ice cubes! I love making this for breakfast, sip on it while I get ready. It tastes a lot better than people think it would- it's absolutely delicious!

  6. Bro: it is awfully cool huh? It restores my faith in what is left of humanity, especially after our email conversations yesterday about socialism versus compassion. Laryssa is an example of how it SHOULD be!

    Willpower: I love mine too. They make awesome housewarming gifts!

    April: I think it sounds delicious. Keep the smoothies recipes coming because I lack imagination. I used too much ice and too few blueberries. It was healthy but bland (well, until I added some white wine, then it became neither healthy nor bland). Snackers thinks everything requires ice cream and 2 cups of sugar so he's no help. I'd like to find some kind of lime slushee type recipe, without using sugar or sweetener (I'm not big on splenda and other subs either). I do want to plant a dwarf lime tree in the back yard since I use limes so much for cooking.

  7. P.s. Guess who poured her coffee into the ninja this morning with a few ice cubes and two little squares of dark chocolate? Oh yeah baby! Now that's imagination! The ninja obliterated the chocolate so it was just like drinking a mocha but only added 20 calories! How awesome is that?

  8. I really am glad you are enjoying the gift so much! (And thanks for not sharing my last name & other personal info.)

    I think it's so funny that Snackers was so excited about the gift too that he bought all those fruits and stuff ... but didn't forget the ice cream! :D Tell him if you freeze some fruit, you can add some cream or skim milk, sugar and the frozen fruit and make a much healthier ice cream without needing an ice cream maker!! Yum! Hubby loves to make his own Dunkin Donut Coffee Coolata version at home ... saves us money! :)

    Check out the Ninja website for some cool recipes. You can make some really nice frozen drinks for your first BBQ!

  9. Ummm healthy is not in his vocab. We had our first mini BBQ with friends last night but the ninja did not make an appearance - which is probably just as well because we fed everyone so much food that they kept repeating "I'm sooo full!". lol

    We did deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, grilled chicken and grilled steak, salad with cucumbers and avocado, and grilled asparagus with cupcakes for dessert. The one thing that I was worried about blowing my diet on was actually the stuffed mushrooms but I took them out of the oven and managed to snag the last one off the plate - no need for concern!!! :)

    After everyone left, however, Snackers wanted to put a cupcake, some Oreo cookies, and milk into the Ninja but I made a little oinking sound (in good fun) and he ended up not doing it. lol