Monday, June 13, 2011

Three-Week Plan

At the suggestion of my brother I have decided to set up an exercise routine with precise plans for each day of the week and I am going to follow it for the next three weeks and then see where I'm at.  I'm actually writing this post on Sunday night, instead of waiting until Monday morning like I usually do (I'll add my weigh-in comments tomorrow) because I want to put this down and make a commitment to it before I weigh-in tomorrow, regardless of what the weigh-in results are.  I'm tired of "winging it" every day and either doing what I feel like doing or trying to force myself to do something.  But I am a "planner".  I usually do really well when I create a plan and commit to it; under those circumstances even when I don't want to do something I tend to have a higher drive to do it anyway when it's part of a clearly formulated plan.

Also because my brother, who is a very smart guy, suggested it as a method for getting over this bloomin' slump I've been in so good or bad results tomorrow ... I'm gonna give it a shot.  I will admit though, my self-doubt is coming back because I've been so negative and lax lately that there is this tiny part of me that is afraid I won't stick to the program.  I need to mute that part ... or drown it maybe?  So here's the plan.

Week One:
Monday: Walk 1 - 2 miles & do 10 sprints
Tuesday: 100 push-ups & 200 crunches
Wednesday: Walk 3 miles
Thursday: Walk 1 mile & do 20 sprints
Friday: 100 push-ups & 200 crunches
Saturday: Walk 3 miles
Sunday: Rest

Weeks Two & Three:
Rinse, lather, and repeat.

9 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 cup salad
>>w/fat free balsamic
3 bites of rice (didn't heat it enough)
6 asparagus spears
1/2 serving homemade chicken nachos
>>chips, chicken, cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo
1 glass blush wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,007

4 flights of stairs
Walking: 2,642 steps (just over 1.25 miles)
Sprints: 10 (2 sets of 5 back-to-back)


  1. I think that is a good idea. Change things up a bit and get the old spark and determination back. Being on a schedule can yield the results you are after and I wish you all the best. You have a "get it done" attitude rather than being defeated by a rut. Looking forward to hearing about your results.

  2. Might I suggest upping your caloric-intake on your 2 sprint-days to around 1500c... ????

    Otherwise, I'm excited to hear how it fares!


  3. Bro: I will really honestly TRY to up my intake as suggested but I can't make promises because it has gotten to the point where on most days it's hard to even eat 1,000 for me anymore. Now at mom's house, totally different story. :)

    I think it's because I've stopped keeping all of the junk food around and it is a lot harder to eat as many calories worth of decent-to-healthy food as it is to eat them in bad/junk food. It's not necessarily that I feel too full to eat but that I no longer have the desire to eat more than is absolutely necessary because nothing in the house actually sounds appetizing, LOL!

    *clears throat* Ladies and gents the secret to losing weight is to fill your cupboards with food that you don't like so that you will only eat when you're too hungry to care about flavor. *snicker*

    I will write a book about it and call it the "Avoidance Diet" hehehe.

  4. It might be that you aren't preparing your food correctly-enough to be appetizing.

    I love my scrambled-eggs in the morning. Scrambled with a dollop of low-fat sour cream, a dollop of salsa, some garlic-salt sprinkled in. In the eggs before cooking I mix-in spinach or herbs like chives.

    My mid-morning snack is equally-appealing. Non-flavoured Greek yogurt with a packet of Truvia (natural sweetener from a plant) mixed in and then different fruits mixed or dipped in it... apples, berries, etc.

    I agree that absolutely-whole foods can become bland and boring. But mixing-together several different whole-foods (on your own, not out of a package) makes them taste a whole lot better.