Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Added Benefits

So with the electronic cigarette I can pretty much smoke anywhere because it just emits vapor and it doesn't stink like actual cigarette smoke, in fact I think it smells kind of good but the scent is so faint that it's gone immediately.  I discovered that this created both a benefit and a concern for me yesterday.  First, I found myself sitting at my desk pretty much puffing away every 20 minutes so I made a promise that I would only allow myself two short smoke breaks with it just like I do with the real deal and that worked.  But the benefit is that I realized, since I'm not going outside to smoke on my 10 minute breaks, that I could do something more productive during that time.

So yesterday during my first 10 minute break I did 50 of my push-ups next to my desk, used the ladies room, and refilled my water glass.  During my second 10 minute break I did 100 of my crunches next to my desk and then the ladies room and water refill.  During lunch I did the last 50 push-ups and 100 crunches so that, after work, I had already done everything I needed to get done exercise wise and had a butt load of brand new time to study!!!  I managed to get four chapters read and completed an assignment for one of my classes that isn't due until Friday!  WOOT!  Now I only have one chapter left to read, two assignments left to complete, and class participation for the rest of the week which means, if I have a productive day today like I did yesterday I should be able to get some packing done.

Snackers and I went after work and picked up some moving boxes that were free on craigslist.  They are surprisingly good quality boxes and they're filled with paper for wrapping dishes and glass in so that is a major score!  I think I'm going to start with the closet in my office because there is a lot of stuff in there that can probably just go in the trash and then once it's cleaned out I can stack the packed boxes in there out of the way.  We're getting close to closing this house deal and we're getting anxious to have it over and done with.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 chicken sub (lunch)
>>the usual
1 tuna sandwich (dinner)
>>EVOO mayo, mustard, onions
1 Quaker apple/cranberry granola bar (post workout snack)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,112

4 flights of stairs
Packing/Cleaning: packed up everything in my office except what I need for work
Walking: 3 miles (6,300 steps exactly!) w/Vladdy

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