Friday, June 10, 2011

Blow Out

Five miles around the neighborhood is a lot different than five miles on a treadmill or walking in place in my living room!  Up hills, down hills, on and off of curbs, tripping over the dog, correcting him, and making him sit at every road crossing.  I started to get so tired on the way home last night that I was stumbling here and there because I wasn't picking my feet up quite high enough to cover the little slopes of the sidewalk and now, this morning, there's a blow out (figuratively speaking).

My left knee, the one that was giving me problems all winter but then stopped acting up after awhile, is killing me this morning.  I think that is just a testament to my suspicions that I've been passing off mediocre exercise as actual workouts and that is probably why I've not really lost any significant weight.  The little light bulb over my head went on.  I told myself when I started this "as you lose weight you will have to increase your exercise to compensate for carrying fewer pounds so that you don't stall" and yet ... I did what almost everyone does; I started to take it easy instead of working harder.

Vladdy is pretty tired today too.  He climbed the stairs this morning very slowly but he still tried to lunge at Piper any time he got within three feet of her so I am sure he's not in any real pain, just tired.  I have to admit, it is really nice walking late at night like that when there is no one out and the evening is relatively cool.  I was a little bit afraid at first but the streets around here are well lit and I was walking in really nice, expensive neighborhoods so after a few blocks it was easy to relax and just enjoy the walk.  Vladdy was on guard pretty much the entire time though.  He barked at a plastic bag caught on a telephone pole, our shadows casting off a retaining wall, a cockroach on the sidewalk, and a police car patrolling the neighborhood rec-center.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 Healthy Choice Lunch
1 steak gyro (better)
Daily Caloric Intake: 858

7 flights of stairs
50 push ups
50 crunches
playing/wrestling w/vladdy.

My saddlebags and hips were so sore today I could barely walk without waddling so I decided to work my arms and core today instead of walking ... but I was active and I did break a sweat.


  1. Sounds like you're picking up the pace, good job!

  2. Oh, man. My heart bleeds for you. I've had to give up running because of a $%#@ back injury. Injuries SUCK. I like the indomitable attitude; can't run? They byGAWD I'll sweat some other way!

    (P.S. I try to avoid giving recommendations, but if you want to look at running with less injuries . . . there's this book called Chi Running. Check it out.)

  3. Willpower & Ki: I definitely want to make my goal this week, I am sick of missing them and having an "oh well, next week" attitude. I set a goal of 15 miles and I want to keep it. I've done 5.75 and I have three days (today, Saturday, and Sunday) to finish off the 15 which puts me at just over 3 miles per day minimum. I'm still pretty sore today so I might just do my 3 + and call it good or I might surprise myself and do another 5 + ... either way, 15 WILL happen or I will be very cross with myself.