Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kickin' My Ass

Remember those doubts I was having about whether or not this three-week plan was potent enough to do any good?  So week one felt really easy, not much muscle soreness, hence the doubts.  Week two has been a whole different story!  My whole body feels just a little sore but really tired - not in a sleepy kind of way but in a muscle fatigue way.  I honestly wasn't sure I was going to make it through my three-miles last night because my legs just felt like lead and they got heavier and heavier with every step.

But I'm not complaining because that just means PROGRESS!!  I like progress, progress feels good.  We went to a breakfast buffet this morning ... I don't know what I was thinking.  It's kind of our tradition to go to breakfast on Sunday morning but we're trying to be cheap so the price tag enticed us to the buffet and I'm not feeling good about it.  I'm pretty much going to have to pinch calories all day to compensate because the eggs benedict was so good I had seconds and I really shouldn't have.  That's the problem with buffets ... if you want seconds you just have seconds.  Grrr.

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 cup mixed steamed veggies
1 cup mixed fruit
2 eggs benedict
1 portabella and spinach dinner
1 slice garlic bread
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,396

4 flights of stairs
Swimming: Visited our friends, with Vladdy and put him and their puppy in the pool several times.  Good fun but not much exercise.


  1. I understand. Buffets and smorgasboards are over the top temptations. I try to avoid them because it is so hard when there is no limit on what we can have and we want to get our money's worth don't we? At least it was early in the day so you can work on it a little.

  2. See, I try to avoid them too for that exact same reason. Especially in Vegas because they usually span half-a-block and have everything you could ever imagine on them and the temptation is to try one of everything that you love. At least with a menu you are bound by the price tags and the knowledge that ordering 5 different breakfasts will make you look like a huge oinker but with buffets no one seems to mind. I hate them.

  3. I used to LIVE at the chinese buffet right up the street, I haven't been there since Ooctober 14th of 2010 when I realized I was a binge eater. (it was pretty obvious, not sure why it took so long to figure out) I'm convinced the lady that works there thinks I'm dead, I was there more days than I wasn't! So I feel ya. I'd try and go and eat just a little, it's hard to not have that"get your monies worth" compulsion, even though for 6$, I know I was eating way more than my monies worth to begin with!

  4. See! That's what I was talking about when I did that post on Associative Behavior. I think most American's do that. Buffet is automatically associated with "STUFF YOURSELF UNTIL YOU CAN'T MOVE!". It is ingrained in our brains and we wonder why we are a nation full of fat people.

    But now here's the real kick in the pants. When I was single I used to walk six blocks to the library, pick out a book or two, check email, then head to the Chinese buffet that was another 2 - 3 blocks away. I would get a table, order a Coke, fill a plate with sushi and sit down with a book. I was always in between lunch and dinner so it was never busy and I would just sit there and nibble and read for two or three hours. I would always tip reallllly well so the staff never bothered me for hanging around so long and I really didn't eat much because I spent more time reading than I did stuffing my face. It was a cool, comfortable, quiet atmosphere with all the Coke I could drink for $6.99 and I never left feeling stuffed and always had to walk the 8 or 9 blocks home when I was done.

    BUT - Pretty much any other buffet, or if I am with someone and I know they're not going to want to just "hang out", I turn into the freakin' buffet version of the Cookie Monster.

    In fact I think that is another issue with Americans. We eat too damn fast and Snackers is a prime guilty culprit of this. We go into a restaurant and he wants someone at the table taking a drink order before he even sits down. He wants someone taking his food order before his drink even arrives at the table (usually before I'm even ready to order). He wants his food there before he finished his first drink, and then he bolts his entire plate in 10-15 minutes or less. He wants a check on the table before he's done eating so he doesn't have to wait and as soon as he puts his fork down he wants to leave.

    I'm more the "hang out and enjoy the experience type". Chat, nibble, spend an hour or more ... I mean if you're going to spend $20 + you might as well get at least 90 minutes of "entertainment" out of it right? My eating habits have changed a lot, even still, since I met Snackers but previous beaus were the same way. Is it a guy thing maybe? Generally as long as the booth is comfy I'm in no real hurry unless I feel like I'm being rushed either by the person I'm with or if there is a line of people waiting to get a table. That's not right.