Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Next 3-Week Plan

So I am nearing the end of week 2 on my 3-week plan and I think it worked out really well!  Having a set schedule of things to do each day has really helped keep me on track with staying active and motivated, but knowing it was for a 3-week stint has also helped prevent boredom or frustration (excepting the minor reconsiderations last week).  I would like to prepare another 3-week plan but mix it up a little bit to prevent me from getting bored like I did before which ultimately led to slothfulness and opened the door for me to rationalize sub-par physical activity in an attempt to pass it off as "exercise".

So, that said, I would like to open the floor to suggestions for the next 3-week plan with some guidelines:
  • Planned activity Monday through Saturday with Sunday open to doing whatever I can get Snackers to do with me, since it's his only day off of the week.
  • I would like to continue to incorporate walking and sprinting in the next plan because I am still planning on doing the marathon in December, and because it is good for Vladdy to get out and spend that time being active with me.
  • I would like a rotational schedule, like the one I have now, where different body parts are being utilized on different days to account for fatigue and to provide a more "total body" experience.
  • Ideally, whatever I do has to be something that I can do for free because we will probably start moving next week or the following week and we're pinching every penny we can within reason.
  • Bear in mind it is now well over 100 degrees on a daily basis between dawn and dusk here in Vegas so outdoor activities have to be something that I can do after the sun goes down.
  • I am open to trying pretty much anything new, especially if it's fun AND gets me moving, as long as it doesn't cost money (i.e. rollerblading would be great but I can't afford a pair of blades and pads right now).
  • Only one Monday through Saturday plan is needed and then I will repeat that plan for 3 weeks, then mix it up again or possibly come back to the original plan for the following 3 weeks.
  • As much as I would LOVE to do laps, our pools are small, generally extremely crowded, and odd shaped so they're not conducive to exercise. :(
  • Activities should take approximately 1 hour to complete because any more time than that is not going to be easy with moving, studying, and working.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1/2 cup apple cranberry granola
2 cod fillets w/malt vinegar
1 serving fries
1/2 cup cole slaw
2 glasses of pomegranate flavored green tea (50 calories each!)
4 Tbsps coffee ice cream
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,165

4 flights of stairs
Walking/Shopping: Snackers and I hit RC Willey today, then a furniture consignment store, then LuvSac in the mall, and then groceries.  We didn't buy anything other than groceries, we're just price shopping and comparing at this point because we're hoping to throw some of our furniture away when we move instead of lunking it around because it's total crap anyway.
Walking: 3 miles (6,893 steps), did circles around the dog park
Packing/Cleaning: We packed up all of our wine and cocktail glasses, our extra dishes, and our coat closet/sporting goods.


    1. There are great exercise videos available. You can probably check some out at the library. My son has always lifted weights. He works upper body one day and lower body the next to give the other half a rest. If weights are done at a higher pace they can also be aerobic. I liked the idea of what you were doing at your breaks as well - a portion of a workout - great idea. I have thought as I go through my route that I could something at each ATM - many of them are inside a kiosk. I could even take some weights with me. Looking forward to your final plan. Gives me some ideas!!

    2. I am going to try this today - I'm having the worst cramps. I did not know about this. Thank you!

    3. downsizers: videos are a great idea, I have netflix and there are all kinds of videos available to watch instantly online. If you walk a lot for work and want to increase difficulty there are these little weight packs you can get at wal-mart relatively cheap. They hold individual one pound weights and you can get ones that hold 5 or 10 weights, but you can take the weights in and out so you can choose between 1 lb each and up to 10 lbs each, then strap them to your ankles so that as you're walking to/from your ATM's you're getting more of a work out than usual.

      Clutter: Let me know how it works for you! I've heard you can mix some lime in to help improve the flavor if you're planning on drinking it in a glass or you can just take a swig or two right off the bottle and save the rest for another day.

    4. downsizer's idea is a good one... but consider only doing the vidz every-other-day, with moderately heavy-weights... and, like she said, at a pretty good clip (to get in the cardio-effect)... no resting between exercises! Really work yourself to the bone; the next day don't do anything but a nice leisurely walk (to prevent burning yourself out -- after a hard-workout, you need to rest in order to recover).


      PS: start preparing yourself mentally... if you do this for another 3 weeks (hard workouts) and then choose to do it once more, you will need to commit to a 3-week stint of just walking. Otherwise, you'll overtrain.

    5. B: Ok so on the vidz I want something really active like maybe my Dancing With the Stars vidz or one of my belly dancing vidz and force myself to go through the whole video without resting (that's gonna be double tough!) but then do the walks in between like I've been doing, no sprints?

      Then after that three weeks come back to this routine I'm on now for three weeks and then do 3-weeks of walking?