Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Size of a Puppy

Remember this picture?  This was me holding Vladdy at town square a little over a month ago when he got so tired that he pretty much passed out in my arms and started snoring.  Pay very careful attention to how small he is and how comfortably his little body curls up in my arms.  Look at the length of his nose and the breadth of his paws and the diameter of his ears and then ....

LOOK AT HIM NOW!  This was taken today, same dog, same position, even the same shirt (yes I do change my clothes, that was purely a coincidence).  Look at how much farther apart my arms are spread in order to accommodate his long body.  Notice how in the first pic his face is about half the length of my forearm and in the new pic it's about as long as my forearm?  Now ... even more disturbingly ... notice his paws are the same freakin' size in both pictures?!  And call me crazy but I think his ears look the same too.  So good news is he's growing into his extremities and will be less awkward looking but bad news is he's still got a LOT of growing to do.  Something tells me that by this time next month I won't be able to hold him like that at all, let alone get a picture of it.

So I'm actually not the only member of my little family trying to loose weight.  Two of my fur kids were put on diets a few weeks ago when we realized that their new younger siblings were having a negative affect on their weight.  Piper and Casper, who have always been able to free feed and stay at healthy weights had both started to pack on the pounds after we got Kody and Vladdy so we had to put them on a feeding schedule to monitor their intake and keep them from getting into the kitten/puppy food.  I am proud to say that Piper has lost 2.5 lbs and Casper has lost 1.  Yay kids!

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 leftover burger minus the bun
>>w/sauerkraut, mustard, and balsamic
Homemade baked chicken
>>2 legs, 1 thigh
2 home made truffles
Daily Caloric Intake: 929

4 flights of stairs
Playing: Went to the dog park again, walked/ran around with the dogs
Gave the dogs a bath: I don't know how many calories this burns but I'm sure it's significant enough to list because it is EXHAUSTING!  Piper is a wiley little shit and Vladdy is just pure muscle and neither of one of them makes it easy on me.


  1. Man! Everyone is losing weight over there . . .

  2. Ki: You know it! Snackers has been losing too and I've neglected to even mention it. I told him how excited I was that I was getting so close to finally weighing less than him (he averages a healthy-looking 225) and all of a sudden the SOB started dropping pounds. He's at 214!!! I think he did it just to spite me! Everyone except Vladdy and Kody. Kody gained 1.3 lbs and Vladdy has gained over 10 since their last vet visits but they're growing little boys so that's a good thing.

    Suzi: Thanks! :) I wish I would remember to take more but I've never really been a "behind the camera" kind-a-gal. Snackers is usually big on pics but he's been slacking with the camera a bit lately too.