Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nov. 2010 (Start)
Jun. 2011 (Current)

So obviously, with only a 4 lb loss in the last month (bleh!) there isn't much of a difference between last month's pic (not shown) and this month's pic but I figured out why there weren't any little holes of light around my waist in last month's pic: I had my elbows turned in at my waist.  The same thing happened this morning and I made Snackers take another picture with my arms held out a little so we can actually see what's going on with my waist.

I think it's crazy how different my progress pics look between my desktop and my laptop computers though.  On my desktop I look a lot shorter and fatter in all of my pictures than I do on my laptop and I can't help but wonder which version is more accurate.  I wish I could somehow show you what I mean, maybe if I take a screenshot of my pics as seen on my desktop and send it to my laptop to upload ... I dunno.  It's a trip though.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/4 of a chicken quesadilla
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 foot long chicken sub
>> the usual
Daily Caloric Intake: 974

6 flights of stairs (1 flight while carrying a 30 lb bag of cat food)
Push-ups: 100 (did 50 during lunch and 50 right after work)
Sit-ups: 200 (did 100 during lunch and 100 right after work)
Walking/Shopping:  Not far, just went to Wal-Mart for cat food and coffee creamer, PetCo for dog food, and Borders and Barnes & Noble to browse books on de-stressing techniques for dogs.  We didn't buy anything at the book stores, just read a few different snippets from several books to get some ideas.  Yeah, we cheated.  It's funny, I never liked "window" shopping or shopping in general until I started trying to save money while living in Las Vegas and now it seems like we go shopping without buying anything at least once a week just for something to do.


  1. It sounds like the resolution on your desktop is wrong. You should check it.


  2. I tried posting to you yesterday that my grandma's desktop always has a "squatty" appearance to it compared to not just mine but any laptop! Also, I realize you say that the first place you always lose is in the chest area but frankly from your most recent pics, perhaps it's because you lost from your tummy and arms and shoulders it makes it seem more pronounced, but I believe they actually look bigger now that you have lost weight! LOL! You are doing a great job even if it is slow going! Keep up the good work.

  3. Bro: The res settings are the same on both my desktop and my laptop but Snacker's laptop looks like my laptop, as does my friend's iPad so I'm thinking my desktop is off and I look more like the good pics in real life. That is such a relief! lol

    Misty: Dude, if my girls get or even look bigger from all of this I will be STOKED! I mean obviously in my first pic from November there is a big dark line under them that isn't in any of the newer pics but there is also a big difference between having a stacked chest and just having fat boobs. I'd be happier with small, well shaped healthy girls than big fat blubbery ones. lol I am glad you're on Firefox now. You're going to love it sooo much more than IE! You should check out all of the awesome Add-ons and tools that you can get for Firefox to customize it from skins to download management utilities and a myriad of other fun things. You can find it under Tools > Add-ons > Get Add-ons. Fun stuff!