Sunday, June 19, 2011

Narcoleptic Moments

SATURDAY'S POST, POSTED LATE: The strangest thing happened to me yesterday, three times.  First I was sitting at my computer hard at work on a financial audit for the new boss, I was just plugging away at it and then all of a sudden like a light switch it was like someone just turned off my energy.  SNAP!  I suddenly felt like I was going to fall asleep at my computer almost instantly and completely without control.  I had slept pretty well the night before and I had consumed my coffee and I hadn't been feeling tired at all just minutes before and yet all of a sudden I could barely keep my eyes open and I felt like I was awake but already half asleep.  You know that groggy, post-morning feeling we all get sometimes when we're woken up before we're ready to wake up and your body is threatening to go back to sleep?  It was kind of like that but extremely powerful and hit me instantly.

I am not usually the type to fall asleep or even get tired at my desk, especially working on audits because I love that kind of work and, if anything, it usually keeps me mentally stimulated and entertained.  I fought with it for about a minute, tops, and realized I was going to lose and fall asleep during work (something I've never ever done before in my life) if I didn't do something drastic so I got up and chugged a huge glass of ice cold water as fast as I could.  The water gave me a brain freeze which woke me up and then I was fine, all grogginess gone, like the whole thing had never happened.

Then last night we were at the dog park and I am sitting on a retaining wall watching the dogs play and chatting with a friend and it happened again.  BAM!  Instantly almost passed out and I had to lean forward and brace myself on my knees to keep from falling over.  I didn't feel dizzy or anything like I was going to pass out in the medical sense, but I felt like I was going to just spontaneously fall asleep and there wasn't going to be anything I could do to stop it so I stood up and walked around until it passed.  Once it passed I was wide awake and felt perfectly normal.

Then again last night after the park around 9 p.m. while I was studying it happened again and the third time I actually did fall asleep.  But usually I am not the type to go right to sleep, I lay in bed waiting to get tired or if I'm doing something and can't sleep yet I get gradually more tired and can fight it for awhile until I finish whatever I'm doing but not last night.  One minute I felt fine and I was reading a chapter on Enterprise Systems and the next minute I was waking up to the sound of Snackers talking to me and I don't even remember falling asleep or feeling like I was going to fall asleep.  I slept great last night, through the night, like a log and feel totally refreshed and wonderful this morning but that kind of scares me because I've been super uber tired before and that kind of narcoleptic experience has never ever happened to me before.

8 glasses of water
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving leftover manicotti (lunch)
Appetizer sampler (dinner)
>>5 pot stickers
>>2 cheese sticks
>>4 shrimp
>>2 oz calamari
1/2 serving tirimisu
Daily Caloric Intake: 982

8 flights of stairs
Walking: 3 miles (6,231 steps)
Cleaning/Packing: (see today's post later tonight for details)


  1. When my blood sugar was out of whack that would happen to me. You might want to check that out. Hope it was just an isolated thing.

  2. Yeah my dad does that when his blood sugar is low too but I've had some super low sugar levels (721 once) and I always felt crappy in addition to being tired (you know; weak, shaky, clammy) but this time was odd. I dunno, hasn't happened since so maybe I was just really tired. It's true I haven't been sleeping very well, as a general rule, since about October of 2009.