Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Bad Night

So Vladdy and Piper both had some pretty runny number two's at the dog park last night but Piper seemed to be ok once she got it out.  Vladdy, on the other hand, had a very bad night.  He woke us up around 1 a.m. obviously desperate to go out so I took him and it was clear that his tummy was still working him over.  I gave him a couple little syringes full of Pepto and put him back to bed.  At 5 a.m. he woke us up again to the sound of him vomiting in his kennel so I took him out and the result was still unpleasant.  I gave him two more syringes of Pepto, kept him in the living room with me, and laid down on the couch so Snackers could get some sleep because he worked nights all week.  At around 6 a.m. Vladdy started indicating another vomit was on the way so I got him outside and down the stairs just in time.

He went potty again and I noticed that it looked awfully red so I think there's blood in it.  Not good.  I brought him back up and used a piece of tissue to blot his hiney and, yep, blood.  So I collected a stool sample in an old pill bottle and it looks like we're probably going to have to visit the vet today.

The upside is after about 6:30 he laid down on the floor next to me and the two of us fell asleep.  Aside from brief disturbances from Kody using us to play leap-frog and a yappy Chiweeny outside, we were out until Snackers woke us up as he was leaving for work at 8:00.  It's now 9:00 and I just fed him a very small breakfast and a teeny bit of water which he ate with his usual voracity so I am hoping that's a good sign and that maybe it's not anything serious.  If he keeps it down I'll feel a lot better.

In addition to dog problems, though, I slept like crap.  I had the A/C on, the fan in the bedroom on full blast, and was still waking up drenched in sweat yet shivering.  Snackers was freezing too and he kept stealing the blanket but I just couldn't seem to get comfortable.  With the blanket I felt like I was sweltering, without it I was freezing violently.  Night sweats suck.  Perimenopause sucks.

10 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fiber one bar
1/2 grilled chicken and swiss on sourdough (lunch)

1 order fries
1/2 grilled chicken sandwich (dinner)
Daily Caloric Intake: 946

8 flights of stairs
Walking: 3.2 miles (6,300 steps) Vladdy was too sick to walk and Snackers took the house key with him on accident tonight so I couldn't leave and lock the door behind me.  But I wasn't about to wuss out so I returned to the old faithful method of walking in place in the living room.  It's not ideal but at least I gotter done.


  1. I believe this blog started out as a weight loss blog and has turned into a dog blog

  2. LOL it's actually more of a "my life" blog. I can't exactly come up with weight loss topics to discuss every single day. Some days I talk about my dog, some days I talk about my success or failure, some days I talk about work or Snackers or my health. It's about the things going on in my life while I am on a journey to lose weight.

  3. I'm not sure if I'd give pepto to my dog; unsure if medicine meant for humans would help my dog, or even might hurt them. Maybe his stomach is bleeding from being unable to digest the pepto???

    Dunno. Maybe you've done it in the past with great success... if so, ignore me. :)

    I always just let Tazzy hang-out in the backyard when she gets sick (Oscar did too, when we had him)... she munches on grass to sooth her stomach and usually a few hours later she's back to her old self.

    That being said, I hope your doggie gets better!

    RE: the dog- vs. weight-loss-blog discussion. Since the dogs are a core-element of your exercise-routine, I consider them a valid topic. :P


  4. Bro: Pepto was recommended to us by a vet for Piper because she has developed a very sensitive stomach after her lump removal surgery last summer. We've also given her MSM (that stuff mom uses for upset tummys) on her when she's gotten into the trash as a preventative from her getting sick. They work great usually but I think Vladdy's problem is more severe so he has a vet appt. for tonight.

    Also - per vet suggestion we give Piper children's benadryl for her allergies and it works great too.

    Re: dog blog ... I dunno who the anonymous was that said that but this blog has been rather eclectic since the beginning. I've talked about everything from buying a house to the dogs and cats, to work since day one so I guess that's just part of being me. lol

  5. Hope you and get some rest and your poor pup feels better soon.