Saturday, March 26, 2011

YUMMEH Pork Loin

Pork Loin w/Pineapple Salsa
OMG THIS WAS SO GOOD!  It's from the food bible and it's a pork tenderloin rubbed with dijon, honey, chili powder, and salt & pepper.  Then you're supposed to grill it.  Here's a big, fat, super important hint: DO NOT COOK THIS ON YOUR FOREMAN GRILL!  The mustard and honey burned almost instantly and although it still tasted amazing and didn't taste burned, I'm not sure that the grill will ever be the same.  We had our doubts about the pineapple salsa too, especially Snack Monkey because it has a lot of red onion in it but it was so tasty.  The recipe calls for a whole onion and four pineapple slices but I did 6 pineapple slices and a half of an onion because it still looked like a whole lotta onion.  I think 6 to 1/2 was a great ratio so just keep that in mind.

This meal is only 210 calories.  Can you believe that?!  We didn't make a side dish so I just ate two servings of it and still came in well under my daily caloric intake goal.  I was highly tempted to indulge in a tiny little ice cream cone as a treat since my count was low last night but after exercising I didn't even feel like having one anymore so Snack Monkey had one and I passed.  Really?!  Yeah no kidding I passed on an ICE CREAM CONE!  Holy crap!

8 glasses of water
2 breakfast tacos
8 oz roasted beef
1/2 cup potato salad
1 cup steamed mixed veggies
1 dinner roll
1/2 small cannoli (Snack Monkey ate the other half)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,159

Walking: 4 miles (8,000 steps)


  1. I know isn't it amazing when you actually don't want some of those foods that a year ago there is no way you would have passed up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Here's a tip I found about cleaning the GF grill. You'll need to heat it up and then turn it off before doing this 'cause it needs to be hot.

    "after cooking, unplug the grill and lay three layers of wet paper towel across the hot plates (completely cover the plates). Close the lid and enjoy your meal. When ready for cleanup, remove the paper towels and wipe the grill clean with a fresh wet cloth or sponge. The moisture and steam created by placing the wet towels between the hot plates loosens up the gunk and stubborn bits to make the cleanup a lot easier. If things are particularly stubborn and messy, finish up with a nylon scrubber or the plastic cleaning tool that came with the grill. When preparing dishes that you know will create a nasty mess, you can first lightly spray the grill plates with olive oil before placing the food down. This will help with the cleanup afterward as well."

    Hope this helps save your grill! :)

  3. Thanks Laryssa. I did end up just putting it in the sink at an awkward angle with hot water running over just the grill plates and eventually got it clean but your way sounds a LOT easier so I'm going to keep that in mind for next time!