Thursday, March 31, 2011

I cheated

Ok ... I cheated this morning and jumped on the scale when I woke up.  Now this was before my usual morning #2, if you catch my drift, so my expectations weren't high but I was curious because I've now walked 15 miles in 3 days.  I was checking out my own ass last night in the mirror after I got out of the shower and I think I see a really significant difference too.  In fact as I was climbing in bed last night (literally climbing because my bed is boob-high off the ground) I glanced in the closet doors (also mirrors, I hate that) and thought "huh ... my but looks kinda normal".

I had to look under the scale and make sure there wasn't an obstruction when I weighed.  241.5 ... that's -2 lbs since Monday.  WOW!  I still have 4 days left before the next weigh-in so if I could even just hold on to that loss between now and Monday I would be stoked!  I had a really hard time getting off my butt and walking last night but I ended up doing all 10,000 steps in just over an hour (we're talking just a few minutes more than an hour)!  That means I'm walking in place at an equivalent of 5 mph which is pretty much a solid jog and I'm maintaining that speed almost the entire time.  BOOYAH!

The weather is getting warmer, finally, and it is starting to get really warm in the apartment even in the evening with the windows open so I might try doing my 5 miles out and around town sometime this week.  I know there's a difficulty level involved with walking on terrain instead of just walking in place in my living room so it will probably cut my time a bit but I'm also really encouraged by the fact that I am clearly improving my stamina and muscle tone somewhere underneath all this fat.  I must be!  Three months ago walking 10,000, even in place, would have kicked my butt, let alone doing it for three days in a row!  On the other hand I have two math exams to do this week (one due tomorrow and the other due Sunday) as well as a paper on Asian American and Pacific Islander American culture (due tomorrow) so I may have to walk at home while reading my prep work.  We'll see what happens I suppose.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy choice (lemon chicken & shrimp, good)
1.5 Italian Panini Sandwich's
4 pickles
>>1 tsp PB
Daily Caloric Intake: 916

Walking: 2.5 miles (5,000 steps)
Crunches: 100 (knees and shoulders at the same time)

I'm kinda of disappointed with tonight.  I was really hoping to do five miles per night every night this week but once I started tonight I realized that I'm just not there yet.  After only the first 1,500 steps it was really hard to pick up my feet and hold my arms up.  My muscles aren't sore, just exhausted.  I didn't want to quit that easy though so I did 2,500 steps, took a water break, then did another 2,500 steps.  I was really hoping that with a few extra breaks I could make the full 10,000 but it just wasn't going to happen so I decided to work on my abs since I've been neglecting them for awhile now.  I laid on my bad and pulled my knees up to my chest while rolling my shoulders off the floor in a crunch.  It took me about an hour to do those and the walking and I can barely even type right now because my arms are just like wet noodles.  I guess it's recovery time.


  1. That was a dirty trick. I read the title of your entry and thought "Oh, no". I was all ready for a counseling session and lookee, lookee I get to congratulate you. Well done.

  2. LOL I guess that was my April Fool's joke for this year! :)