Monday, March 14, 2011

Wiegh-In 18 and PICTURES

Skinny Pants!!!
Boy do I have a lot to talk about today!  I suppose I'd best go in chronological order so that I don't forget anything.  The picture you see to the left here is the image of an extremely excited fat girl wearing a pair of her semi-skinny pants.  Yep ... that's right boys and girls!  These pants have been sitting on the tippity-top shelf of my closet for over two years now just waiting for me to lose enough weight that I can wear them.  Now clearly, they're not skinny skinny-pants but these pants are the pants I wore on my very first date with Snack Monkey.  YEEE-HAW!  Here's how it came about that I even tried these bad boys on.  Snack Monkey wrapped his arm around me the other night and said "I think you're skinnier now than you were when we met."  I thought about that ... no way, couldn't be.  I had big hips/thighs but I also had a flat tummy when Snackerpoo and I met and I definitely don't have a flat tummy now.  But then I started looking at my pics and realizing that I'm losing most of my weight in my hips/thighs this time, which is odd because I usually lose off my tummy before anything else (excluding bra which, of course, is always first).  So I pulled them out, tried not get my hopes up too high and slipped them on.  Not only did they slip on and do up ... but I'm pretty sure that they're not as tight as I remember them.  NO SHIT!  I wore them for an hour just for the hell of it!

On the fairway
A golfing we will go, a golfing we will go.  High-ho the dairy-oh a golfing we will go.  Yepskers, we made a tee-time and hit the course.  They paired us with another couple who were extremely patient with my complete lack of golfing-ability and lots of fun.  Snack Monkey kept taking pictures of my butt though so I'm only going to share two (the non-butt shots) here.  Same shirt as the photo above but different pants because you can't wear jeans on the course.  We didn't keep score so don't even ask BUT ... yep, you guessed it.  I walked the full 18!  The golf cart you see behind me actually belongs to the other couple that we were teamed with and, as you can see, her ball is right next to mine in the grass there.  Snack Monkey had a cart too, for carrying the clubs, but me myself and I hoofed it the whole way!  That was on my list of goals so I can officially check it off!  CHECK!

Not flattering, but necessary.
Next on my list of things to brag about *winking smiley* is how far this little adventure of ours took me.  Although you can't see it in either photo I am wearing my pedometer on my right shoe so it counted my steps as I lugged my way around the course and came out to just over 6.5 miles which puts me well over my 20 mile goal that I had for last week.  And anyone who golfs knows that 6.5 miles on a golf course is NOT your typical treadmill style walk.  Up hills, down hills, and yes I will admit, even in sand traps once or twice.  There were times that I was huffing and puffing so hard I really had to wonder if I was going to make it on the first try but I kept just telling myself to stick with it, don't think about it, keep at it, and eventually we made it to the last hole.  It helped that we played in a four-some because that meant putting took a little bit longer and gave me a chance to catch my breath between holes.  P.s. not all of the "shirt" you see in this latest picture is filled with tummy, just FYI.  Some of it is just gravity and air.

Now for this morning's events.  I've lost 3.5 lbs this week with a weigh-in of 244 lbs this morning.  Weeeee aaaand today is the 14th as well so here is the latest progress pic.  Something I want to share with all of you is how I cut/crop these progress pics.  My width is changing but my height is not so I take the photo and crop it from the same spot at my neck to the same spot just below my feet each month.  I then resize the image so that the height is the same as the previous pictures, then crop the sides off to make the width uniform also.  That means that when you see me taking up less of the image (more door showing to my right and left sides) that's a testament to the fact that I'm getting narrower because the top to bottom perspective is remaining the same.  Ok ... you graphics people will get it, I might have confused others but it's a perspective method used by graphics artists, designers, photographers etc. which ensures that, even though my relationship to the door behind me might change week-to-week, my relationship to the size of the photo remains the same.  I hope that makes sense.  Here are the pics.

November 2010 (287 lbs)
March 2011 (244 lbs)

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 lean cuisine meal (chicken margarita)
1 serving beef and beer (a roast recipe in the food bible)
Daily Caloric Intake: 827

Made supper and that's it.  More on why tomorrow.


  1. Wow, way to go. You can sure see the difference!

  2. What great news. Your joy jumps off the page. You've worked hard and deserve all the kudos that are sure to be coming as more of your friends read and share this milestone. I say, go out a buy a size smaller for your next reward. You'll be in them in no time. I don't want to be a wet blanket but this is also an especially dangerous time. You are in new territory now and must handle it with a level head. You're not done yet but now you know that if you keep on as you have been we'll be looking at pictures like the one of your goal model - only it will be you!! Congratulations again. -Myra

  3. You look great!


    Congrats on reaching your goals. :D

  4. WOW!!!

    You are looking so good -- I'm impressed, you've stuck with this far longer and better than I ever imagined (or that I've ever done myself!).

    You deserve a medal.

  5. Thank you, thank you one and all!

    Downsizers: I know exactly what you mean by a dangerous time. This is about the time (historically) where I start thinking "this is easy" and then I stop trying or I start thinking that I "deserve" to cheat and then, before I know it, I'm back where I started. But I'm not going to let that happen this time. Moderation, counting, working out, vigilance.

    Brandon: That Angel's Landing goal is coming up. I would estimate it to be sometime this summer or fall if I keep going at an average rate of 10 lbs per month. Wanna hike it with me when we're not getting snowed on? :)

  6. That is jaw-droppingly cool. How exciting!

  7. Lookin' good! Keep it up!
    And good job with the walking! That's awesome.

  8. Woohoo! Nice to see your updated pics and you are looking great. Your enthusiasm is jumping off the screen! :) Love it!

  9. I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading as I haven't been working on anything but eating shitty food. (at least I am honest? LOL)

    Your pictures look great though!!!!!!!!!! Your doing such a fantastic job! :) Proud of you girlie!

  10. Oh yes- what shoe ped are you using? Other than body bugg/go fit wear (which is LOST @@ seriously I lost the f'er) I haven't seen any that don't drive me crazy with every jiggle registering a step.

  11. THANK YOU ALL so much for the awesome comments! They are all so uplifting and exciting for me, thank you thank you thank you!

    Swan: The ped is called SportLine, I picked it up at Wal-Mart for $5. Unlike other peds I've had (hand-me-downs mostly) instead of being unusually sensitive it's actually a little on the opposite. I counted my steps in my head while walking in place with it, logged the counts side by side in 1,000 step increments and the average count actually puts the ped under by around 20 steps per 1,000. I like that alright because it just means I've walked a little bit farther than what it says I've walked.

  12. I'd rather hike it with you in the snow! :P

    But yeah, fall works too.

    I think my family is going to try going to mom's more frequently in the spring/summer/fall and less in the winter, just been too hard. So fall sounds just about perfect.

  13. Wow, you look fantastic!!I am so happy for you... seeing the progress actually brought tears to my eyes. I know that you can and will keep it up. You deserve all the health and happiness this life change will bring you.

  14. Bren: Thanks so much. I remember feeling that way when I watched 266's anniversary video of all her progress pics. I was sobbing actually because I was happy for her and because something clicked that made me realize that if she could do it I could too. It was liberating. I'm glad that my efforts can have that same affect on others.