Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chicken in the Oven

Chicken w/tomatoes and capers
Well last night Snack Monkey and I collaborated in the kitchen to create the delicious dish that you see before you.  This is actually a picture of Snack Monkey's plate because I started picking at mine pretty much the instant it came out of the oven.  This is another recipe from Cook This, Not That! and, again, it was super easy and fast to make.  I typically like tomatoes in the oven because they pop and become rather sweet but I didn't care for them much on this dish; maybe that's because they're cherry tomatoes and I'm used to the big tomatoes but these had a rather bitter flavor that I wasn't fond of.  That said, however, when you push the tomatoes off to one side and devour the chicken breast with everything else that the recipe has you load on these bad boys they are SUPER GOOD!  Snack Monkey cooked the asparagus on the George Foreman tossed in a little bit of EVOO and seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic.  They were delicious!!!

As it turns out I did end up feeling the affects of Thursday's work-out last night after I started walking.  It can't be good when your toes start going numb while walking right?  That's what happened last night and it pretty much freaked me out.  I'm not sure if that's a weight thing, a fatigue thing, or maybe a circulation thing caused by the fact that Diabetes runs in my family but I didn't like it at all...very scary and strange.

Today I have to put together the invoices for work and get them in the mail and even though I completed all of my homework for the week last night, I need to log in to school and just double check everything, make sure I got full participation credit etc.  I have until tomorrow night so if I'm missing any credit I'll be able to make up for it today and tomorrow (though I'm usually ok unless I just have a really strict instructor).

I spent literally hours looking at dogs online last night; adoptable rescues not breeders.  I found a handful of young dogs that I liked but none of them were teeny tiny puppies so Snack Monkey nixed every single one of them.  I swear he's dreaming if he thinks we're going to find a pure-bred, 8 week old puppy at a shelter and for the breeds we're looking at breeders want over $1,000 per dog.  Well that's just not gonna happen.  I'm strict on rescuing not buying from breeders.  Piper was the only exception because I got her from my sister who owned both of her parents and she sure as heck didn't cost anything close to $1,000!  I mean, we're in hard economic times right now and people are really breeding new litters and asking for that much money when there are thousands of unwanted dogs in shelters and rescues; many of them pure-breeds?!  Just crazy.

7 glasses of water
1 glass of last night's fruit shake
1 leftover buffalo chicken sandwich (the last one)
1 serving pear salad
1 serving asian chicken salad
1 serving Thai slaw
1 serving tomato onion soup
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,168

I decided to try something new tonight so I used Netflix to find a cardio salsa work out that I could watch on the Wii.  After the first 20 minutes I was panting, sweating, and my calves were burning like crazy.  I am SO OUT OF SHAPE!  So I took a water break, then went at it again for another 10 or so.  Then I decided to see if I could find something more on my level so I pulled up a 10 minutes pilates workout.  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN' ME?!  It was supposed to be for beginners but I swear the chick was a contortionist!  Well I did the full 10 and I put my damndest effort into doing each exercise correct (or as close to it as I could manage) but it's quite clear that I'm not yet in any position to be using workout videos yet so I guess tomorrow I'll go back to walking for another 50 lbs or so.


  1. In case you don't see it I gave you this award:

  2. Good luck with the puppy hunting!! Another good recipe from that book :)

  3. The Salsa video on Netflix kicks my butt!

  4. Suzi: thanks for the wishes. It didn't go well. We found a puppy we liked but the girl wouldn't even let us look at it! Everyone talks about all the animals in shelters that need homes and how desperate they are to find homes for these dogs but then a perfectly capable, loving, educated potential adopter walks in and they treated me like a complete loser! Immediately the girl said "Have you ever had a Pit before?" (first off the tag on the dog said it was a lab but she insisted it was a Pit mix) so I said "No but I've had lots of experience with large breeds" and then she asked if we had a yard, I told her we rented an apartment she said "We won't adopt to people who rent". I said "Why, our apartment complex allows large dogs" hell they advertise it on the front gate! Nope, won't do it. I told her I was training for the Rock N' Roll marathon and it would get lots of walks and exercise but nope ... she wouldn't even let us look at it because we rent and she said "too many people bring them back". Well they're asking $350 for it and I know that if you take a dog to a shelter you have to pay minimum $20 to drop it off so even if I did bring it back (which I wouldn't) that's almost $400 in their pockets because we all know they wouldn't refund my $350 or waive the drop-off fee plus it would have been one less dog for them to feed/house/care for the entire time I had it ... but nope, they're rather keep it and euthanize it than adopt it to someone who *MIGHT* bring it back. That's horse crap ... no wonder there are so many unwanted dogs in shelters. It's not that they're unwanted it's that shelters make it damn near impossible to adopt. Like killing it is a better option? I may be reconsidering getting a dog from a breeder after today.

    Brenda: Oh try the 10 minute pilates ... HOLY CRAP!

  5. Oh that was nasty!! I can't believe they treated you that way.

  6. I found a Dobi puppy in the newspaper for $400. I know that is probably way more than you want to pay, but I thought of you :)

  7. Which paper what day and where? Do you still have the ad or did you happen to save the phone number? Any info you could give me would be awesome - I've been dragging the internet looking for puppies under $700 all night, ever since we got home from NASCAR.

  8. It was in the Las Vegas Review last week. I checked again today and they aren't posted anymore. But I will keep an eye out still and just text you info if I find it :)

  9. That would be awesome! The best price we've found so far is $600 and they're in LA so we'd have to do a 2 day trip to pick one up. Just about anything local would be a vast improvement. Thanks