Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Price of a Pepper

So Snack Monkey and I got together and made a grocery list/menu last night after supper and then we hit the store to get what we needed.  One of the recipe's called for a red bell pepper and a yellow bell pepper.  The sign said $2.48 per lb, which I thought was rather high but peppers are fairly light so I figured just one of each wouldn't be too expensive.  Lo and behold when we got to the register it turns out they were $2.48 EACH!  Why would anyone in their right mind pay $2.50 for a pepper?!  We told the girl to forget it, we can sub in onions and mushrooms to replace the peppers because that's just silly!

I also picked up a pedometer finally; $5.00 for that.  It's just a simple, inexpensive one that doesn't do anything fancy but I've decided it will be a lot better for Wii walking than having to count my steps in my head.  You see, I don't really trust the distance counter on the Wii because the speed of the little runner cartoon is often erratic and uneven, even if my own speed is spot on.  This is partly because I can't put the Wii controller in my pocket like I'm supposed to; when I'm wearing pants that actually have a pocket it weighs them down to the point where I feel like they're going to fall off and my pants that fit better don't have pockets.  I had the leg strap from the Wii Active but it didn't fit around my giant thigh (I was really surprised they didn't think about that one when they created the game) and Snack Monkey ended up taking it and the rest of my accessories to GameStop for a trade in.  To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed by the Active anyway; the resistance straps were useless and some of the exercises were way beyond the abilities of someone who is obese and has no balance.

Anyhow, so back to walking.  I've been using the free-jog on Wii Fit but walking instead of jogging so it will try to tell me I've walked 7 miles when I know I've walked closer to 3 by counting my steps; hence the pedometer.  I've heard good things about Walk It Out for the Wii but only from one, maybe two sources.  The majority of the reviews on Amazon for it are pretty bad and I think that when it comes to walking in place in my living room I can pretty much do that while watching Netflix and I don't really need to spend money on a game for it.  I did take a few to check out some treadmills while we were in the sporting goods section though ... I don't even have the room for one now but the idea of having my own treaddy in my living room is becoming really enticing to me.  Alas, perhaps when we move into a house I'll treat myself to one.  I should just cancel the gym membership; I'm not under a contract and I haven't actually been to the gym now in weeks.

9 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 Lean Cuisine (chicken marsala)
1 buffalo chicken sandwich (from the food bible)
Daily Caloric Intake: 814

Wii Walking (with pedometer confirmation): 6 miles (12,000 steps) while watching National Geographic.


  1. Just out of curiosity do you have an iphone/smartphone? If so I suggest the runkeeper app.

  2. Also, wow, where are you shopping that your produce costs so much? Crazy. I shop online at a company that goes through an organic type store and our peppers are only 1.49 a piece, I got a 'sweet pepper combo' (orange, yellow, red) for 3.99.

    I think I remember you being in vegas. Vons and albertsons both do delivery, but it won't let me look at prices without signing in. Our store here, Right by Nature, that works with for deliveries, is very affordable. we just got a ton of food for 120$. Hope that helps?

  3. If you haven't looked into *manual* treadmills yet, you might want to:

    This one is about double the price Heather and I paid for one (about 3 years ago) from Shopko.

    They're great because:

    a) cheaper

    b) foldable, so they fit most anywhere as long as you can make room to unfold it when you want to use it

    c) manual -- provide a better workout than the electrical ones, provided all you want to do is walk -- trust me, they are harder. The one we got had an incline-adjuster to make it like you were walking up a slight hill. Pushing the tread with your own power (even just using the flat-terrain setting) is way harder than walking on a motorized one. And HARDER=LESS TIME REQUIRED FOR YOUR WORKOUT.


  4. Willpower: Nope, no smart phone. Just a boring Samsung w/o the data package. That was at Wal-Mart which is really surprising because usually their produce is cheaper than anywhere else we've looked. We tried shopping Albertson's in January because they were doing this promotion where you could earn stamps for cookware by buying groceries there and half a grocery list cost twice as much as what we usually spend at Wal-Mart so we swore we'd never do that again.

    Brandon: Actually yeah, one of the treads I looked at at Wal-Mart was a manual one. I don't recall where it was but I've used a manual before and I am definitely not opposed to having one but even with the folding feature I don't know where I would put it. I have room in my office but that means I'd have to drag it through the apartment if I wanted to walk while watching TV in the evening.

  5. I have walk it out. Do you like the cheezy facebook games of unlocking various things? If so you might like this LOL I found it at Gamestop like 6 months ago. Honestly, I have only used it like twice though. My 5 yr old always wants to help or get involved with the walking and if I am trying to work out it just bothers me.

  6. Some people love the manual treadmill, but I have knee issues, and the manual killed my knees. I would spend some time on one somewhere if you can before you get one, just in case...