Friday, March 25, 2011

Dog Tired

Tommy the Dobie
I didn't sleep well again last night.  I'm exhausted right now and can't really think enough to put a few sentences together for today's post.  Hopefully you will all forgive me for this one and the cute dog picture will make up for my lack of creative skills today.

P.s. This is Tommy.  He's up for adoption through Doberman rescue of Nevada but they want $500 for him so we look at his picture frequently and wish we could afford him.  *sigh* He's such a pretty boy!

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 serving leftover stroganoff
1 serving pork loin (food bible)
Daily Caloric Intake: 937

Walking: 5 + miles (10,030 + steps)
The pedometer is definitely broken.  I walked 5,000 it said 4,300 so I walked 700 and it said 4,700 so I walked 300 and it said 4,800.  I got it to 5,000, took a water break, then walked another 5,030 just counting in my head, reading be damned.  That's too bad.  I loved that it was slightly under-sensitive when I first got it but now it's way too under-sensitive to even be considered accurate.


  1. You are doing better than me with the water, and I'm a nursing mama! :( So sorry for the sleeplessness. It is alluding me, too.

  2. How much protein are you eating? I noticed when I didn't eat enough protein that I could just. not. sleep.

    Do you track your cals on a site that would tell you how much protein you're getting? With the amount of exercise you generally get, you might want to up your protein. I have a protein shake with 25-30 grams most mornings and then plenty of protein at dinner. If you're having a 900 some cal day, you are most likely not getting very much of anything. Try adding a protein shake in the morning and a bit more lean meats or beans or nuts. lentils are very filling, lots of fiber and protein and not many cals. I had lentil and black bean chili last night. :)

    Your protein requirement is determined by your weight x's 0.36 so you should be eating about 86 grams. I try and eat anywhere from 75-90 and on days I go lower my sleep suffers.

  3. Pauline: I have been forcing myself to chug water at certain parts of the day to increase my intake. First thing in the morning I chug a glass, then I nurse my coffee. At 11:00 am if my coffee isn't gone I chug it and fill up a glass of water. At 1:00 pm if the water isn't gone I chug it. When I eat lunch I chug a glass with it. I try to nurse a fourth glass before I start supper but if it's not empty by the time supper is done I chug it and chug a fifth glass with supper. I try to remember to chug the sixth before I start working out but this is where I usually keep forgetting. I chug a seventh in the middle of my workout and an 8th after my work out (which is usually actually the seventh because I keep forgetting to chug one before the work-out).

    Beyond: I'm not really sure how much because even though counts all the nutrients, when I cook at home I generally just enter calories so, for example, it says I didn't eat any protein yesterday but I know that's not right because I ate beef stroganoff for lunch and pork loin with pineapple salsa for supper. One thing I probably should mention is that I am suffering from premature perimenopause symptoms and I think that's probably the #1 contributing factor to my sleep problems. It was also the #1 contributing factor to this move to lose weight and get in shape. Going through perimenopause at 28 years old sucks bad enough but if I don't get into shape and start taking care of myself now it's only going to get a whole lot easier as my biological clock progresses.