Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beef & Beer

Snack Monkey's Plate
Last night we fixed a recipe from Cook This, Not That! that we've never tried before called beef and beer.  It's pretty much a pot roast cooked in beer and beef stock and it wasn't half bad on the flavor scale.  The meat came out super tender and juicy and, all-in-all, it was a fairly inexpensive, tasty, and filling dish.  We made instant mashed potatoes to go with the roast but neither one of us ended up eating a single bite of them.  We're also not generally roast people so we bought a 2 lb roast instead of the 3 lbs called for in the recipe because we weren't sure we wanted to have leftovers.  This picture is actually Snack Monkey's plate because I picked all the mushrooms off of mine while I was waiting for the sauce to reduce so I took a picture of his because it looked prettier.  That brown shmear on the right is Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.  I can't stand that stuff but Snack Monkey puts it on just about everything.  One thing about this roast that I will warn of though, and I think it's the beer to fault, our tummy's were making 8 million noises from Sunday all night long!  We didn't actually get sick but if you're going to make this for dinner be sure you aren't going anywhere after you eat or you might be embarrassed.  We could hear each other gurgling from opposite rooms of the apartment even! lol!

Surprisingly enough, after walking 6.5 miles over hill and dale, it wasn't my legs that bothered me last night.  My calves were a little stiff but, for the most part, I could have ignored that and walked anyway.  My arms were sore too (triceps, biceps, shoulders, elbows) but you don't really need arms to walk so they weren't the problem either.  Nope, the reason I sat on my hiney and did nothing last night was my back.  It's not injured but very stiff and sore from golfing, particularly on the sides of my lower back.  Other than golfing the only other time I've felt those muscles stiffen up is from horseback riding.  There's some kind of motion involved in those two activities that work muscles we don't use in every day life!

The time change is kicking our butts a bit too.  I stayed up way too late Sunday night and was a Zombie for most of yesterday and then, like a total moron, stayed up till 11:30 again last night too.  Snack Monkey got a nap after work ... lucky bugger.  I might take one during lunch today if I can.

P.s. It's been awhile since I've welcomed all the new followers and there are a lot of them so please forgive me for not naming you off 1-by-1 but WELCOME none the less.  I love having new followers and I am thrilled that you've all found your way to my fat-girl blog! :)

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 lean cuisine meal (lobster ravioli, not yummy)
1 order Nikki Lee's nacho's (xtra pico, no sour cream)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,160

Walking: 1 mile (2,014 steps).  I had every intention of walking more but the nachos messed me up and I did NOT want to find out what the port-a-potties at the softball field looked like on the inside so I pretty much parked myself on the bench.  The games ran way later than usual and I am having a hard time just keeping my eyes open so I'm off to bed.  We have to wake up an hour earlier than usual in the morning so tomorrow is going to be a very hard day.  Damn daylight savings!


  1. Hi, I see you stopped in for a look at my blog, (thanks for that,) so I thought I would have a look at yours. I just read this last post of yours and I am looking forward to going all the way back and starting from the beginning. You have made some really, really great progress so far, good for you! I'm excited to see the progress continue. I find it interesting that your current weight of 244 is right where I was when I started my journey.

  2. Hi Bren, welcome to the blog and thanks for the encouragement! I'm having a tough week this week but I'm not going to let myself give up; I just need to recoup a little I think.