Friday, July 29, 2011

Where to go from here

Well I have now somewhat scared myself into cleaning up the apartment after all because I am afraid that if I don't the complex will not only eat my entire deposit, which I was expecting, but will also try to send me a bill for whatever is not covered by the deposit.  But I am still not going to kill myself doing it, I'll gather up the last of the trash, clean the fridge and oven out, spot clean the walls, wash off the balcony and front porch, clean the other bathroom and have Snackers do the carpet.  From there I am going to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

But the question is, where do I go from here.  I still have to finish unpacking the house but with all of the boxes from the new furniture filling up the hallways until trash day it is very hard to move around or get much of anything done but I am also tired of living in a construction zone.  I am ready to get done what we can get done and put everything away so that it feels like a house, and so that we can invite people over. 

But then there is another part of me that is thinking about the coming weigh-in.  All of the truly hard work is pretty much done.  Sure, unpacking can be a bitch but it's not strenuously similar to, say, washing walls and ripping up carpet either.  I swore on day one of this whole adventure that I was not going to let this move drive me totally off track and so far I think I've done pretty good at at least attempting to retain some semblance of my weight loss plans by blogging and counting, even though we were eating fast food or take out pretty much every night there for awhile.  It felt AMAZING to cook dinner in my new kitchen last night and I LOVE having a gas stove again!  But my living room here is not as conducive to exercise as the old one was, it is very small and quite crowded right now with boxes that need to be unpacked.

We have this beautiful park literally less than a block from our house with this huge grassy area and I have been thinking about putting an ad on CraigsList to see if I can rustle up p.m. yoga group there or something.  I always see these groups that get together and do yoga in places like central park and I've thought it looked like fun but I don't really know yoga so I would need to find someone willing to lead a group first.  It certainly could be good though if I could pull it off right?

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/ creamer
1 Healthy Choice bar
1 serving leftover shepherds pie
1 fish burrito
Daily caloric intake: 1,065

Ran around the yard with vladdy on my lunch break and did some light shopping with snackers after work

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  1. You're doing so good so far. Keep up the momentum, this move is just part of life. We have to learn to work through normal life events and still keep a healthy lifestyle, so it's a good exercise for you. Do not give up!