Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still So Much To Do

Every day I have been working and getting stuff done and every morning I wake up thinking I can't possibly hurt any more than I already do and every night I go to bed realizing how wrong I was.  Yet there is still so much left to do!  I have four days left to clean the apartment so that I can get my security deposit back, the bed still needs to be tightened down and I HAVE to do that today because the squeaking drove me crazy last night!  The entire house still needs to be put away, there are boxes everywhere, I still need to do a change of address with ... well everyone, and the hedges out front need to be trimmed because I want to make a good first impression on the HOA.

Does it get easier?  At some point home owners do get to just relax and enjoy some semblance of a normal life right?  Something tells me that when it comes to the weekend "Hunny-Do" list, I will probably be the hunny with the doing instead of the other way around.  I'm ok with that, I was a daddy's girl so I followed him everywhere and helped him with his Hunny-Do's when I was little so I am relatively handy.  We inherited a pile of lumber in the back yard that is in excellent condition so I think I'm going to see about building Vladdy a custom dog house once the rest of my projects and chores are done.

In all fairness to Snackers though, when we went to the apartment last night I told him he didn't have to help because he had a very hard day at work yesterday.  We had some items that we didn't want to haul down the stairs to the dumpster, like the old love seat, dresser, a desk, etc. so I listed them "for free, you haul" on craigslist and, sure enough, there were four people waiting for us when we got to the apartment last night.  So I wanted Snackers there to protect me because ya just never know in an empty apartment right?  But other than that I had promised him that he could just relax and listen to music while I cleaned for an hour and a half.  But no, he bagged up trash, cleaned out the tub in one bathroom and did the mirrors in both bathrooms and did the slider window on the balcony.  He's a good guy - he just works too hard and then I feel bad because for work I sit at a desk all day, then get off work and can bust my butt but he busts his butt all day at work and then gets off work and busts it some more at home.

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
4 sugar-free coffee flavored candies
1/2 serving leftover pastacinni
1 small dinner salad w/vinaigrette
1 cup vegetable soup
1 serving chicken crepe
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,180

Unpacked and assembled the new living room: the sofa came in three boxes so I had to take it out and put it together; and the tables came in one box so I assembled them also.
Unpacked and put away most of the kitchen, it finally LOOKS like a kitchen!!!


  1. Here's my advice for you: once you've turned in the keys to the old apartment, TAKE YOUR TIME. Take you time to get things organized *just right* in your new home so you don't overwhelm yourself. The painting's done, the carpets/floors are done, and your stuff is in the new home and those are the most important things. Now you can think about where you want things to go and put them in their place slowly.

    Definitely, once you've turned in the keys to the old place, take one day to rest ... I mean *really* rest. I just went through a similar experience except I wasn't moving (even though you wouldn't know it from all the boxes, bags and mess all over the place). After 3 consecutive days of doing, doing, doing, every single muscle from my neck to my toes hurt like hell, my muscles were sore and felt swollen, and I was retaining water which made my hands, ankles and feet swollen; that just makes the work harder to do. So I took 3/4 of a day off after the major stuff was done (where I literally laid in bed for several hours resting) and now I'm taking my time doing major cleaning and putting things back. It's made it easier and I'm able to get things in a better place than the way they were before.

    And email me your new address; I want to send you a housewarming gift. :)

  2. Funny you should mention taking a night off because that is exactly what I did tonight. We've been at it non-stop and guns blazing for two full weeks straight and I just couldn't muster the energy, motivation, or mental fortitude to do anything tonight. I'm still swollen just as you described, in my hands and feet and everything hurts to the point where I can't even roll over in my sleep without the aches and pains waking me up. That's not good and now Snackers is sick - probably from lack of sleep. Guess that means it is bed time. :)