Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So yesterday after work Snackers' brother announced that he wanted to take everyone out to dinner, his treat, because he'd done well at the casino's the night before so we all headed to Outback.  I ordered smart with an ahi appetizer and a dinner salad with vinaigrette dressing but I did eat two slices of the bread that they bring out before a meal and then felt guilty about it.

After that we decided to go swimming so we headed home to change into our suits then met back at their hotel and played around in the pool/hot tub for an hour or so.  After that we grown-ups all got cleaned up and went to a local spot for karaoke because it is kind of a tradition for Snackers' brother and I to hit a karaoke club whenever we hang out.  I did the following songs:

Rolling in the Deep - Adele
Chasm - Flyleaf
You Oughta Know - Alanis Morisette
Safe in the Arms of Love - Martina McBride
Fever - Acapella (Elvis' version)

By then it was getting late so Snackers and I bounced and I crashed the second I walked in the door, which is why yesterday's post got published this morning.  I need a nap.

Update: Sorry, I fell asleep before posting again last night so this one is getting out late also but I think I might have finally caught up a bit on my sleep.  YAY!

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving leftover shepherd's pie
1/2 serving leftover breakfast hash
>>eggs, chorizo, potato cubes, and tortilla strips
>>w/franks on top
1 weight watchers ice cream bar (not shabby!)
Daily Caloric Intake: 932

3 flights of stairs
Shopping: Extremely Light difficulty
Sleeping:  I am counting the fact that I finally got caught up on my sleep as part of my activity for yesterday because I definitely needed sleep more than exercise for my health.  I was falling waaay too far behind on sleep and feeling the effects of it in many ways.  Besides, several studies have shown that sleep deprivation can effect weight loss including one recent study posted just a few days ago on Yahoo! news.

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  1. That is too awesome! Karaoke is a beautiful thing.