Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday's Post

I promised that I would get caught up from the weekend today and I am.  So, here are the before and after pics that I promised for the office and master bedroom.


This window looks out at the front yard
Shawn has his painting hat on, ready to work

So in the picture on the left I am standing in the doorway taking a picture of the main window that looks out over the front yard.  In the picture on the right I am standing with my back to the window from the first picture, taking a picture of the neat little box windows and niche for a bookshelf that are opposite the door.  Shawn has already removed the disgusting carpet from this room and we've scraped the floors by the time that I took this pic so we were just preparing to tape off the baseboards and windows.


The floor still isn't done yet, will take another when last coat is on
And here is the bright, sunny, beautiful orange that we picked for my office.  If you went to a pumpkin patch and picked out the ideal pumpkin ... that's the color of my walls.  In this picture we haven't done the floor yet but I am standing in the doorway capturing both the big window and the three little windows from the two pictures above.


Looking into the master bathroom
Standing in the doorway looking in

Ok so in the first picture I am standing inside the master bedroom looking into the master bathroom.  We have taped for paint (that's the blue).  In the second picture I am standing in the doorway to the master bedroom, the doorway to the master bathroom would be to my right (out of the picture completely) and the window that you see on the left is the same window that I was standing in front of in the first picture.  And there's Snackers, setting up his ladder to tape off the ceilings.  I should note that I did most of the taping because Snackers did a lot of different prep jobs like taking down light fixtures, wall plates, blinds, filling holes in the walls, laying drop cloths etc.  However, super props to him because I am TERRIFIED OF LADDERS so I did what I could reach from the step ladder you see in the second pic, but anything higher than the second step was all him and we have 12 foot ceilings in some places so ... THANKS HUNNY BEAR!!!

Looking into the master bathroom
Standing in the doorway again

These pictures are kind of deceiving, I know.  The paint in the master bedroom is not as pink as it looks in the first picture, nor are they are orange as they look in the second picture.  Light play ... hopefully I can get a better picture when the blinds are back in place to filer the light.  They are a dark red - if you want to Google it the pain is by Glidden and it is called Candy Apple.  We haven't done the trim yet so yes, it is still green in these pictures and no, it is not going to stay that color.  I'll be painting trim in the evenings all this week - white semi-gloss throughout the entire house to tie the rooms and colors together.  We replaced the ugly ceiling fan you see in the 'before' pic with a much prettier brushed nickle finish fan from the guest bedroom and we will hang the ugly fan in there for the time being.  The brushed nickle will go perfectly with our bedroom furniture so we really lucked out that it came with the house and we just had to swap it from one room to the other.


Vladdy is a VERY happy dog!

He has hated the fact that he's had to either be locked up in the guest room or outside all day every day this weekend because we've been painting but he does love having a yard, finally, where he can run around.  He loves the different levels at the back of the yard where he can jump up and down as he runs in big circles all the way around the yard.  (Perspective notes: I took this pic from the back corner of the yard looking toward the other back corner so there is still quite a bit of yard behind me from this picture).

I apologize but I totally forgot to take before and after pics of the living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen and entry.  I can still take after pics tonight but it's too late for before pics.  Suffice it to say, aside from the master bedroom, the office, and the guest room, every single wall in the house was this dark mauve-ish brown color and it was depressing and boring and oppressive.

Lost track of water but it was A LOT
1 Breakfast burrito
2 slices of leftover pizza
1 chicken quesadilla
2 glasses of reisling
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,588

Activity: ... Heeere we go!
2 flights of stairs
Cleaning: Washed walls, light fixtures, counters, baseboards, and cupboards in the kitchen, dining room, coffee bar, and hallway.
Taping: Taped off trim, counters, cabinets, and windows in the kitchen, dining room, coffee bar, and hallway.
Painting: Put second coat of paint on the living room, put coats 1 and 2 of paint on the kitchen, coffee bar, dining room, and hallway (more info on how we got this much done in tonight's post)
More Cleaning: cleaned up brushes, trash, rollers, paint cans, drop cloth's etc. after painting.


  1. Looking good. You will soon be able to add your special touches through decorations. Wish you were closer - I would load you up with flower starts for the yard!

  2. I would love to put flowers in the yard but my thumbs are far from green and Snackers' aren't much better. We've killed everything that we have ever tried to grow so I think when we do get around to doing something with the yard we will probably focus mostly on hard-scapes and maybe a patch of fake grass.

    On the other hand there is this huge part of me that wants a small veggie and herb garden. Cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, maybe some green onions, garlic, cilantro, parsley, dill, and maybe a lime tree. All of the things that I cook with on a regular basis ... when I have time to cook again. lol