Sunday, July 3, 2011

Smoggy Sunday

There is a lot of cloud cover and this big nasty dust-smog hanging over the entire Vegas valley today but it's hot and muggy out which makes it double crappy.  We've had a busy morning already, had our traditional Sunday morning breakfast, then walked the mall a few times, then browsed another furniture store so I've done my mile of walking already today.  I think we're planning on hitting some furniture outlets later but had to come home to let the dogs out and Snackers' back was starting to tighten up on him so he wanted to lay down and rest it for a bit.

Update (5:30 pm): So we did end up going right back out and hit 12 more furniture and consignment stores.  I am so EXHAUSTED!!!  We hit two areas where there were furniture stores lined up both sides of the street so we just parked the car and walked from one to the other.  I swear we must have walked 4 - 5 miles just in the later half of the day.  I actually have a huge blister that formed on the under-side of my big toe on my left foot from all the walking in CHUNKY HEELS!  I'm dying.  I had no idea when I got dressed this morning that we were going to do THAT MUCH walking.  By the time we got home I couldn't wait to take my shoes off.  And the worst part is ... I think we're going to hit some more stores tomorrow and possibly even revisit some of the stores we went into today.

BUT the good news is we're going to save money this way because we've gotten quotes at every place we've gone to, and a lot of these stores carry the exact same furniture so we've brought our prices down by several hundred dollars just by showing each place the quote from the place before.  This is definitely the best way to get the best price out of furniture shopping!!!

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
Steak and 2 eggs
>>w/ sourdough toast
1/2 serving pickles & peanut butter
8 oz grilled chicken
1 cup rice-a-roni
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,393

4 flights of stairs
Walking/Shopping: A LOT!
Sprints: 20
Push-ups just goofing around and being silly with Snackers (wasn't counting)

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