Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures, the Easy way Out

I am, once again, too tired to come up with a post so here are some of the pictures that I've been promising.  I have more on Snackers' phone and I will take more as we get everything cleaned up, put away, and decorated.  The "new" bed is especially lovely but I'm too tired to get up and snap a shot so you'll just have to wait.  Maybe I'll take pictures of all of my cuts, scrapes, and bruises too.  I look like an accident victim ... have I already mentioned that?  I can't remember, I'm too tired.

Master Bedroom to Master Bath

Master Bedroom / Partially Moved

Master Bedroom / Vladdy's Spot
Kitchen / Close up-ish

Kitchen / From Entry
Dining Room / From Entry

Entry / From Dining Room

Living Room / From Entry (the colors are way off in this pic)

Fireplace Mantle / Casper's and Kody's "spot"
Office / Before we finished the floor

Snackers' "Hookem Horns" (not really Texas fans, just irony)

Office / After we did the floor

Office / After we did the floor
Our first home-cooked meal: Grilled Ahi for me

And BBQ spare ribs for Snackers

And this is how I found Snackers and "his boys" last night after a hard, hard day of moving.

13 glasses of water
1 monster coffee
1 leftover doughnut
1 pineapple/orange juice
1 ahi tuna steak
1 serving grilled asparagus
Daily Caloric Intake: 837

2 flights of stairs
Helped Snackers touch up the paint on the bed
Leveled/Hung pictures and cork board in the office
Unpacked several boxes of  misc. items
Disassembled the bed, moved it, then reassembled it and put the box spring/mattress in place
Made up the bed nice and pretty
Grocery shopping (finally!!!)

Still much to be done but it was nice to have a few hours off tonight to relax.


  1. Congratulations on your new home. What a wonderful array of colors! Enjoy your new place!

  2. Thanks Laryssa, I know they seem kind of bright for a lot of people but the house doesn't have many east/west facing windows (which is great for our A/C bill) so it seemed kind of dark. We wanted bright, warm colors that would enhance the natural light we do get in the house. We're loving it. They are very happy colors :)

  3. Those are some mighty colorful walls! What a cheerful place!

  4. Your new place looks awesome! Love it!