Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday's Post

So last night we picked up 2 5 gallon buckets of paint and opted to go with a concrete stain in the room that will be my office instead of spending four times more on pergot flooring.  I went to work right away taping off all of the trim and the windows in the room while Snackers pulled up the tack strips from the carpet, then we swept and wiped everything down again, really well and got to work painting.  I took the brush and did detail work in the corners and around the windows and outlets while Snackers took the roller and went to work on the big stuff.

Today we're going to put a second coat of paint on the walls in some places where it needs it, then pull the tape and start on the master bedroom while it dries.  When we're done with that we're going to go back and do all of the trim in my office and then stain the floor which will put one room totally done.  If we get an early enough start and work fast enough we should be able to put a second coat on the bedroom today and maybe even finish the stain.  We're considering just camping out over there tonight since neither of us has to work today so maybe we can work later into the night and then get up and get right to it in the morning.  I don't know though - with as sore as we both are I think both of us like the idea of coming home to our nice comfy bed rather than sleeping in our inflatable boat on the floor.

Snackers messed up his hand pretty bad pulling up tack strips.  It involves this little crow-bar like tool that you jam under the tack strip and then smack with a hammer until the concrete nails come up.  The part that you hit with a hammer is really small and slanted (like a crow bar) so the hammer kept slipping off and clipping his hand.  He had some severe bruising and swelling on the back of his hand between his thumb and forefinger last night before bed and I am pretty worried that he might have chipped or even broken a bone.  I guess we'll see how it looks this morning when he wakes up.  I'm already up, brewing coffee, and more or less ready to go.

P.s. I remembered to take a before pic of the office last night, I'll post it with the after pic when we get it all done.

11 glasses of water
1 coffee flavored energy drink
1 breakfast sadnwich
2 slices of pizza
2 cheesy bread sticks
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,360

2 flights of stairs
Cleaning: Cleaned all ceiling fans; cleaned blinds, face plates, walls, and baseboards in the living room and entry
Taping: taped off the master bedroom, living room and entry for paint
Painting: Painted a second coat on the walls in the office and a first and second coat one the walls in the master bedroom as well as a first coat  on the walls in the living room and entry.  Also put down Killz on the floor and around the baseboards in the office and helped Snackers re-hang a ceiling fan.

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