Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Tired to Breathe

It's 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and I am just now finishing up Saturday and prepping for bed so this is going to be brief ... really brief.  I'm tired and I still need a shower before I climb into my nice new bargain-shopper sheets.

13 glasses/bottles of water (nope ...totally not kidding)
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 doughnut
1 cheeseburger
1/2 italian sub
1 whole pickle
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,101
(ok so I KNOW my food choices sucked today but lets face it, I burned more calories today than I normally burn in a week AND I was running from 5 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. the next morning so a sit-down healthy meal just wasn't an option even a little bit - it won't become a habit).

Totally lost count of how many times I climbed the stairs today.  As we were loading up the U-Haul I would carry something down the stairs and then literally run back up them.  I would get to the top, not winded, not feeling like I was going to die, not about to cry, and I would think "wow that was awesome!  I want to do that again!" So I would grab something else, head down, and literally run back up them.  I don't even know how many times but even Snackers was like "wow babe ... just wow.  What a difference!"

Did some quick shopping in the a.m. to pick up some last minute little must-haves for the house (like a shower curtain!  Doh!)
Picked up the U-Haul, took it to the apt. and started loading.  Did the last of the dishes and packed up the last of the boxes and loaded everything in the U-Haul.
Brought the U-Haul to the house and unloaded everything.
Unpacked my office right away, rearranged the furniture 15 times until I got it where I wanted it, then set up my computer and all the various bobs and cables that go with it.
Spray painted the bed frame, then had to wash paint off the soles of my feet in the tub, then had to clean the tub.
Finished putting the new hardware on the dresser sets.
Rearranged and put the dining room table/benches together (a BITCH to do I might add!)
Set up the TV/Cable/Playstation for Snackers (he's not a fan of setting up technology, just using it).
Worked with Snackers to assemble and install a ceiling fan in the living room.
Unpacked various misc. boxes but far from being done.
Another quick trip to the store to get more misc. items that we forgot the first time (like an el-cheapo floor lamp for my office because it doesn't have any overhead lighting options, a new keyboard because I broke mine (yay me), and shower curtain rings because I am an idiot and bought the curtain and rod but forgot rings.

I'M SO TIRED!  And beat all to hell, I might add.  There are bruises EVERYWHERE and where there aren't bruises there are cuts and scrapes and, in most cases, both!  I look like an accident victim!!!



  1. It will be worth it - just hope you are still alive to enjoy it! :-) Take care.

  2. Thanks downsizers! I've started to be able to enjoy it. I took a long, luxurious, scalding hot bath yesterday after supper and then dozed in and out in the new bedroom on the "new" bed. (I put it in quotes because we painted it and got some new sheets for it to make it feel new) and it was heavenly! I feel like a wealthy woman even though it only cost about $100 for the paint/sheets combined.