Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking Away

So when I moved into the old apartment two and a half years ago I put down a deposit of $350.  When we decided to move I told myself I was going to do everything in my power to get that money back.  In speaking with the office staff yesterday, however, I learned that only $50 of that deposit was refundable!  $200 was a non-refundable pet deposit and $100 was a non-refundable security deposit.  This has to be the first time I've ever rented a place that required a non-refundable deposit of that size ... where is my incentive to clean the place up when I leave with that kind of policy?

I am still going to go back and do a surface cleaning, throw out the trash, Snackers will still do the carpets ... but there is no way I am going to bother to wash walls, cupboards, and blinds for $50.  Especially because the apartment was a disgusting mess when we moved into it and we've been through 2.5 years of problem after problem in that place - many of the items that we requested repair on were never fixed the entire time that we lived there and I have a feeling that they would just find a way to bilk that $50 away from me anyway so I am going to just walk away from it.

I have too much work to do here at home anyway and now Snackers is sick, probably from all the dust and grime that we've already cleaned coupled with a lack of sleep.  I would much rather put my efforts into getting our new house comfortable and adjusted for us.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fiber one bar
1 Healthy Choice Lunch
1/2 serving leftover crepe
1 serving pickles and peanut butter
Daily Caloric Intake: 947

Nothing, and it felt awesome.  Mentioned in a comment on a previous post but I've been so sore lately that I can't even roll over in my sleep without the aches and pains in my muscles waking me up.  My hands and feet are still so swollen that I can't put my ring back on (I put it in my jewelry box for safe keeping when we first started packing/painting).  I counted 16 different bruises on my left leg alone and 8 on my right arm.  I didn't bother to count the other arm/leg and figured I could probably call it even.  I've lost every single fingernail either to having it ripped off by something during the move or by having to cut it because it was torn or peeling.  I have four cuts from razor blades on my right hand, one from the bottom of the headboard on my left foot, one from a shopping cart where Snackers ran me over at Ross Dress for Less on the back of my right ankle, and a big one that I'm not even sure how I got just above my right knee cap.  I also have a puffy lower lip (thanks Vladdy!) and a bruised right cheek.  I so was not kidding when I said I looked like an accident victim and my body is SCREAMING for recovery time.

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  1. Good for you for the resting. And quite frankly--I can't STAND apartments and their cleaning deposit. After the last joke my husband and I went through--I decided that unless the refundable fee was greater than the price of maid service, they could keep the damn thing.

    Hope your body stops hatin' soon.