Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weigh-In #35

A most confusing experience this morning ...

I will admit that I cheated and stepped on the scale on Thursday morning just for fun and it read 231.5.  I swallowed the panic and accepted that with as sore as I've been this week the gain is more than likely fluid retention from muscle damage.

This morning I stepped on the scale and was 233.5!  *GASP!*  Ok ... fluid from muscle damage, repeat the mantra.  Everything will be ooooootay.  It's just fluid from muscle damage ... right?

Then after a second potty-break I stepped on the scale again hoping to see AT LEAST a small loss since waste out means less weight in right?  234.0!!!  WTH is going on?!  Ok wait I drank a glass of water and a cup of coffee so maybe the fluid that I drank just weighed more than what I eliminated.  IT WILL GO BACK DOWN!  It will, won't it?

And finally ... I guess just because I like to torture myself I looked under the scale after another potty break and discovered a big piece of wicker from the cat's basket so I thought "Ooooh there's the culprit".  Cleared the floor, put it down, let it zero out, stepped on and ... 234.5!!!  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!  I didn't drink anything between weigh-in 2 and weigh-in 3 so how have I GAINED 1.5 lbs in 2 hours when all I've put into my body is one glass of water and one cup of coffee but I've gone #1 four times and #2 twice?!  This completely defies the laws of physics.  I cannot possibly get heavier if I am eliminating more than I am taking in ... it just doesn't make sense!

I don't think my scale is broken but I can't find any other explanation.  I mean let's face it, even with water retention and muscle damage we're talking a 5.5 lb GAIN in 7 days?!  No way!  I'm still getting crap from some of you for not eating ENOUGH calories for the amount of physical activity that I've been doing and 3,500 calories = 1 lb so there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I ate 19,250 calories more than I burned this week when I've been on 1,400 or less every single day.  Hell 1,400 times 7 is ONLY 9,800!!!  Stress?  Can stress make you gain weight from thin air?  I am stressed out right now, no doubts about that but THAT IS ABSURD!

I'm going to explode ... I need to go do something before I rupture something.
P.s. sorry this didn't get posted until this morning.  I got home last night and went straight to bed.

10 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving leftover veggie fried rice
1 dinner salad with vinaigrette
2 slices pumpernickel bread w/butter
1 serving seared ahi tuna steak
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,249

5 flights of stairs
Swimming: Snackers' family is still in town so we went swimming with them over at their hotel pool.
Stressing: I had a TON of nightmares Sunday night about the house and spent all of yesterday feeling like I was on the verge of having a panic attack, though one never did actually come.


  1. There's an explanation, but it's kinda technical: your scale's a bitch.

  2. yeah have to agree; something is probably wrong with your scale. Get something you *KNOW* the weight of (do you have a 5-lb. workout weight laying around???) and see what it says.


  3. That happened to me after mt accident last week!! i was so freaked out i haven't stepped on the scale since!

  4. My scale wasn't kind this week either. I got on the scale expecting a nice loss and was up half a pound. Go figure.

  5. If you have been working hard and shocking your body it is very possible that not only are you retaining water but also that your muscles are building up with out your fat tissue breaking down. Muscle has such a high density that building small amounts can cause surprising weight gain. There could be a bunch of different factors surrounding the muscle gain as well.
    Just remember to welcome and embrace any muscle gain because not only will it SERIOUSLY aid in fat loss but it will also help prevent fat re-gain. Muscle is our friend and a little weight gain for more muscle mass will be worth it when the fat percentage starts dropping like a bad habit ;)
    Keep your chin up girl, you got this!

  6. B: Hmmm that's not a bad idea but I can't think of anything that I know the weight of off the top of my head. We'll be needing to buy a fresh bag of dog food for Vladdy sometime this week though so I think that will probably work nicely before we open and start using it.

    Suzi & Downsizers: Yeah, I'm a little scared of my scale now too.

    Tia: I hope it's water/muscle, I'd prefer that over a broken scale. Maybe I should get one of those handheld BMI meters. That would help indicate what's going on with me in cooperation with a scale right?

  7. Stop checking the scale you are only stressing yourself out MORE. It will go away. Keep doing what you're doing that was working. It all evens out...hang in there.

  8. Scales--they lie to make us try harder. Like evil little Drill Sargents. Mine does it too.

  9. Ki: I LOVE IT! I am going to hang a sign over my scale that says "Sir, Yes Sir!"