Sunday, April 17, 2011


Holy crap am I tired.  So the day started at about 7 a.m. with a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and a tee time for 2:30 p.m.  We put some clothes in the dryer, took showers, and relaxed until around 9 a.m., then went to get Snackers a hair cut.  I love when he gets a fresh hair cut!  He's a sexy man anyway but with a brand new hair cut he puts me in a freakin' trance with his hotness.  Every time I looked at him today I just thought ... how in the hell did I catch me a guy this damn good looking?!!!!  He's actually a big source of my motivation for losing weight and getting in shape.  He treats me great and in no way makes me feel like I need to lose weight, but when I look at him I just think 'this guy deserves the very best me that I can be' ... it's like that corny Helen Hunt movie: he makes me want to be a better woman.

Ok back to my day *loving sigh*.  After the hair cut we hit a little bagel deli for breakfast and I had a toasted everything bagel with tomato, onion, and a slice of cheese (dry), with a glass of water.  Then we headed to the Arabian Breeders horse show (pictures will be posted tomorrow because I'm just too damn tired tonight to mess with them) and watched the show until it broke for lunch at noon.  The arena is recessed and we got KILLER seats front row right next to the gate where the horses came into the arena so when we left I climbed my first flight of stairs for the day.  We hopped in the car and headed over to the MGM to look at the lions ... they were sleeping.  We spent 10 minutes in the casino and 20 minutes people watching while waiting for the car at valet.  Then we went to boot barn because it was on the way back to the horse show and browsed around there for about an hour.  Then everyone we were going to go golfing with canceled on us so we decided to save our ducats, cancel the tee time and go back to the horse show.

It was around 2 p.m. when we got there and as we headed for the escalators to the arena I saw the giant two-story staircase looming and thought 'why the hell not'? so I took the stairs and tried to race Snackers as he WALKED up the escalator.  I lost but just barely; so that's flights two and three.  Shortly after we took our seats I started feeling really weak and crappy so Snackers grabbed a couple of hot dogs and some water from concession for us.  After that I wanted to smoke but you can't smoke in the arena so I climbed the stairs to go smoke; and that's 4.  When the show was over I climbed the stairs again to leave (5) and we grabbed some Subway and came home to make a grocery list around 7 p.m.  Our apartment is on the second floor so that makes a sixth flight of stairs.  After supper we went grocery shopping and as we wheeled around the store every ounce of life I had in me oozed out of my feet and into the polished Wal-Mart floor.  I could barely pick up my friggin' feet ... even Snackers noticed from how I was walking that I was having a really hard time staying on my feet.  We climbed the stairs to our apartment again, with groceries, so that makes seven total flights of stairs and heaven only knows how much walking.  So I didn't exactly break a sweat today ... but I know, without a doubt in my mind, that I am exhausted!

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/ creamer
1 bagel
>>w/ tomato, onion, cheese
1 hot dog
>>w/ mustard, jalapeno
1 foot long chicken sub on wheat
>>no cheese, mustard, vinegar
>>onion, tomato, olive, cucumber
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,241

Stairs: 7 flights
Walking/Standing: all day long!


  1. Way to go on getting all those steps in!! I think you'd have to peel me off the floor after all that.

  2. Take a day to rest your muscles when you get to the point that you can barely stand from how tired or in pain you are; it makes it easier to keep the momentum going. My fitness trainer told me that.

    I see you lost another 1+ pound this week. Yay! :)

  3. Love the stairs. Love them. I'm always a little jealous of the people who live on romantic hilly streets with tons of stairs leading up and down the front of historic houses. . . buuuuut I hear gas is ridiculous in San Fransisco, so I think I'll keep my goal of moving to the edge of a very hike-able canyon.

  4. Suzi and Lyrssa: THANKS!

    Ki: Well of course for that I would have to recommend Rockville just five miles outside Zion. FANTABULUOS place to take random hikes whenever you feel like it and you don't necessarily have to go into the park to go hiking. I spent hours on end as a kid just forging my own trails up random mountains or following the previously laid path's of cattle. GOOD TIMES!