Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Quick Update

Today's official post will come later tonight on schedule but I wanted to drop a quick update since, based on comments from yesterday's post, many of you seem concerned.  Last night Snackers had some night work cleaning restaurants after they close up for the night so he left around 9:30 pm. and got in around 1:45 am.  I took the opportunity to work-out and decided to just focus on time for now instead of miles.  I told myself I would do one hour at a pace I was comfortable with and however far I walked was how far I walked, no pressure no expectations.  I took a longer than usual break at the 30 minute mark (about 15 minutes) and completed the full hour.  Then I took a book, a cold glass of water with a squirt of lime juice in it (it's like drinking Sprite without the calories/carbonation/sodium/preservatives/etc. ... a refreshing occasional treat) and a big ol' pickle with a Tbsp of peanut butter on it and headed for a hot bath. 

I soaked, read, shaved, scrubbed, and pampered myself happy.  Then got out, lathered up with lotion (because the burn has started peeling), spritzed on a bit of aromatherapy body spray and went to bed earlier than usual.  I slept pretty bloomin good!  Woke up when Snackers got home thanks to the dog barking, woke up to potty once, woke up this morning to the cat meowing right in my face ... but other than that slept through the night. SHOCKER!  I feel pretty good today!  I'm a little sore from walking which isn't surprising considering how much time I've taken off consecutively but I feel hydrated and relaxed today so I just thought you'd all like to know that.  Snackers has to do another restaurant tonight and he'll be doing these things twice a month so this might be good for my sleep schedule I'm thinking. 

Call me strange but as much as I love Snackers I always sleep better when I'm alone in a big giant bed; I think that's just because I've become such a light sleeper.  Of course these night jobs might be really bad for Snackers' sleep schedule ... poor guy, but he wanted them and they pay really well.  So I think tonight I'm going to do a repeat of last night.  The burn is starting to heal, finally, but my shoulders and back are itchy which SUCKS! lol

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  1. Just an FYI on the lotion on the sunburn. I have read that lotions and creams hold the heat in. Vinegar on a cotton ball and rubbed on it is quite soothing. You might want to do a little googling on treating a sunburn or relieving a sunburn. I am glad you are feeling better. Remember I still owe you one for that April Fool's stunt. :-)