Saturday, April 9, 2011

What to do

BOOGER!  It's cold and cloudy and poopy outside.  No swimming and boating at the lake, no golfing.  Humbug!  It's even cold in my apartment and it's been awhile since it was so cold inside that I shivered.  Still, I refuse to turn on the heat.  I know Vegas and as soon as I turn on the heat it will be 120 degrees outside.  Of course, I want it to be 120 but I don't want to waste the money on the power bill by turning on the heat.  At least this year I wasn't stupid enough to turn on the A/C yet.  HA!  Take that Vegas, I'm on to your little games!

So now what to do...harumph.  Snackers is almost off work, I finished my stupid, absurd, insane paper on ethnicity for school, we have to run to the bank and go grocery shopping (WOW are we ever out of groceries!) and then after that who knows?  He'll probably want to play Bingo tonight but I'd just as soon not.  Bingo just means too much temptation to drink wine (because drinks are free at Bingo), it's a fast way to spend money and get nothing to show for it, and we always leave pissed because we never win.  Boooo!

We haven't walked the mall in awhile ... I wonder if he'd want to do that.  Doubt it.  We both hate window shopping and we're saving every penny we can so we sure as heck aren't going to want to actually buy anything.  Oh!  Maybe we can play golf on the Wii tonight ... that would be fun!  We could invite our friends over still and have a Wii party.  Is that lame?  Maybe that's lame and I shouldn't ask I dunno.

Whelp, guess I'd better go put together a shopping list.  I've got peanut butter, pickles, milk for Snackers, cereal, Healthy Choice lunches, and Sweet Baby Ray's (also for Snackers) so far.  Time to whip out the cookbook and put together some actual dinner ideas.  I'm thinking steaks this week ... lots and lots of red, practically raw meat, and maybe a tuna steak.  Groovy!

6 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
2 baggies airline peanuts
1 dinner salad
>>2 Tbsps Italian dressing
1 serving manicotti
2 slices garlic bread
1/2 serving tiramisu (split w/snack monkey)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,219

Shopping: 1.5 hours


  1. I would love to play go ahead and invite them..the worst they can do is say no :) Have fun!!!

  2. MMMM bbq steak...
    I dont think the wii party is lame, I think it would be fun. But then again, I don't get out enough, o.k. at all, and I am a 'bit' older than you. Might not want my

  3. Your doing so good! I am tempted to look into this book you love so much. A Wii party is not lame whatsoever!. DO IT!

  4. Enz: We invited but they drank too much the night before and were hung over so they declined quite graciously.

    Brendalyn: My mom is also a 'bit' older than me and doesn't get out much but I ask her advice all the time. I live the life of a 45 year old for the most part anyway. I mean ... I golf, I play Bingo, I do needlepoint. lol Oh and my favorite band of all time is The Beach Boys sooo ... enough said. LOL!

    Swan: DO IT! The book is awesome you will love it! If you like to cook you'll really love it. If you don't like to cook but like that feeling of pride you can get from creating a really easy meal that looks and tastes gourmet you will still love it. And if you don't like to cook but want to eat at home more, have more control over your intake, save money, and increase your easy and awesome recipe list you will learn to love it. Remember ... I HATED COOKING! Go back to December and read the plethora of posts I did about how much I hated cooking and argued with my readers about not even wanting to try it ... then I discovered this book and it was like magic! *cue the choir of angels and the heavenly spotlight*