Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Cute Codee

I thought it was time for a Codee/Casper update, plus I want to show off his new collar.  Cute huh?  So he has taken to terrorizing my office during the day while Snackers and I are working.  He has figured out how to use the shredder (which I unplugged) as a stepping stool to get in the window seat, from there he can jump to my leg provided he uses his claws to cling for dear life to my pants.  Once in my lap he can then use my keyboard to get on top of my desk and from that point the whole world is his oyster.  As cute as it is ... I was sorely tempted to lock his little tiny butt up yesterday.  He was walking on the keyboard, chewing on my bag of sunflower seeds, drinking out of my water glass, and decided that my cursor was the coolest toy ever as he batted at it on my monitor.  Every time I would pick him up and put him on the floor it would take less than a minute for him to be right back on my desk again.

Eventually he wore himself out, however, and once that happened the crash was almost immediate.  He landed in the windowsill and just kind of flopped down right where he was standing.  He kept making these little squeaking noises in his sleep which was just too cute for words and he was out pretty much until Snackers got home from work.  Impressive.  I'm so jealous.

This morning Snackers and I awoke to him mewing his head off right outside the bedroom door.  Snackers had gotten home from his night jobs really late last night so I rolled out of bed, an hour before the alarm would have gone off, and said "I got him".  I suddenly realized as I was pouring food into everyone's dish that parents with human babies probably have a dialog just like that one every day huh?

Well Casper is still more interested in Codee from a distance but every once in a blue moon he'll venture in for a close-up sniff.  He'll still hiss and occasionally yowl at Codee under circumstances that only he understands.  Piper, on the other hand, has become Codee's new favorite play toy and he follows her around the house batting at her tail almost endlessly.  Sometimes I think she wags it just because she knows it entertains him to chase it around and get smacked in the face by it.  He is a noisy little bugger though; he mews in his sleep, mews when he's hungry, mews when he wants some lovin' and mews when he's playing.  Most of all he's learning to mew when he wants to know where we are and then we say "Codee, Codee, Codee" and he comes running toward the sound of our voices.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving leftover stuffed chicken
1 beef sandwich
>>w/tomato, onion, pickles
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,140

Line Dancing: I learned two things tonight not counting a few dances that I had to re-learn from youtube videos.  First, I learned that I can no longer do the original cotton eyed joe dance that I learned at the dance factory in St. George.  It's all hoppy and I just don't have the balance or leg strength for it ... and to think that I used to do that dance in HEELS!  The second thing that I learned is that, for some reason, there are over a dozen different versions of dances for the cotton eyed joe and none of the ones that I found on youtube are the version that I know.  In my version everyone links arm and arm in short lines of four or five people per line and then you form a big giant circle, like a windmill, around the dance floor with the lines.  So you're in a line facing the line in front of you, they're facing the line in front of them and so on.  Then you hop backward four times while kicking the foot that you're not hopping on out in front of you twice per each hop.  Then you quick-step forward eight times and start over hopping backward again.  The fun in the dance is that it's fast, hard to do, and you have to rely on the other people in your line to keep you on your feet while you're keeping them on their feet all while trying to avoid running over the people in the line behind you and being run over by the people in the line in front of you.  Trust me, it really is fun.  Complex but FUN!


  1. I love to dance. What a calorie burner and the time passes so quickly because it is so much fun. Did you watch that video at my place of the shag dancing championship with Brenner and Torri? If not, I recommend that video - they are great dancing together.

  2. The time does go by very quickly when dancing. I started dancing last night around 9:30 while watching that new show on Discovery called Hogs Gone Wild, just doing the basic steps to the electric slide. When the show was over I muted the tv and broke out the youtube to try and remember how to do some other dances that I used to know, plus learned a new dance. When I was tired I thought "well it wasn't an hour but I'm sweating pretty good so I guess I can sit down" ... when I went to turn the volume back up on the tv I realized that a second episode of the Hog show was ending! Looked at the clock and it was 10:55! I'd danced for an hour and a half and it hadn't even felt like it had been an hour!

  3. Oh! p.s. left a comment on your blog, one of the videos you posted re: dancing has been removed by the owner.