Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picture Day

Home made steak tacos
Supper last night was home made steak tacos on little tiny corn tortillas.  They were delicious!  I mixed some of the pico that I made two nights ago into the guac so that I wouldn't have to dice up another onion and Snackers decided that we needed a little bit of low-fat feta sprinkled over the top.  I adjusted the calories in the book to account for the feta and ended up having 1.5 servings and still had a relatively low count for the day.  A reader of this blog (who, to my knowledge, wishes to remain nameless) was weeding through her books and had some prepped for donation and decided to send two of them to me.  They are cook books that list calories per serving with each recipe!  YAY!  We haven't even come close to exhausting all of the recipes in Cook This, Not That! but it will be great to have two new books to pull recipes from the next time we plan a shopping trip/menu.  We got a white board for the fridge so now I post the meals for the week on the white board so that I have that reminder to take the meat out of the freezer that I need for the coming meals and I put the page number of the recipes on the white board too so it's easier to find them when I'm ready to cook supper.

Last night was filled with really terrible dreams, mostly pertaining to my parent's house.  Their house is awesome, for the record, so I'm not really sure why my nightmares were focused there other than perhaps because their house is kind of big, like a maze if you're not used to it, and my nightmares almost always take place in a big house with lots of running around from room to room.  At the end of the nightmare my mom had turned into some kind of evil creature with pale skin and glowing yellow eyes and I had locked myself in a room with her because my dad and brother were also evil and were on the other side of the door trying to break in.  I guess I figured one monster would be easier to deal with than three. lol

Ok ... enough stalling.  Here are the pictures you're all waiting for, I'm sure.  Instead of just comparing my first pic with my most recent this month I wanted to also compare it with last month's pic so below you see three pictures.  The one on the left is from November, 2010 when I was almost at full weight, the one in the middle was taken today, and the one on the right is from last month.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 serving leftover steak taco stuff
>>minus the tortillas
1 steak sandwich
1 swallow of reisling
1 serving pickles and pb (needed the umph for workout)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,160

Wii Stepping: 30 minutes
Girl Push-ups: (front)100
Push-ups: (back) 100


  1. wow you can really tell a difference from last month!! yeah you!

  2. I love the new picture. Big difference from last month ... thinner neck and waist, and even the bosom and hip areas look smaller. And you didn't think there'd be that much of a difference!

    Glad you got the cookbooks ... I was beginning to worry the post office had lost them. Enjoy! :)
    And thanks for the website to the place that sells the saltless sunflower seeds; I'll have to incorporate them into my new diet.

  3. Thank you both for your comments about the pictures.

    Laryssa: Thanks for the books! They're completely awesome and I really can't wait to try them out. The one book has a recipe for 87 calorie chocolate truffles. OMH SWEET! lol Seeds and nuts would be really great for your diet. My dad has been on the same type of diet for 24 years and nuts are his absolute favorite snack.

  4. I love your new picture and all the light peeking through between your arms and hips - skinny minnie!

    The Eat This, Not That books are so much fun to read - I didn't know they had a cooking book now. I am going to have to look at that this weekend.

  5. Belle: the Cook This Not That book has become my food bible! The recipes are sooooo good and most of them are really super simple and delicious. Most of the meal pictures that I post are pictures of food that I've cooked from the Cook This Not That book. I highly recommend it!

  6. SEEEXXXAAAYYY! I see definition baby! Looking good lady! :)

  7. Your figure is really showing through!



    The 240's were the most difficult decade for me to get through!!!!! Now it's moving again, and we started at about the same weight. ha.