Friday, September 30, 2011

Coolest Idea Ever

Ok, I actually prefer cold coffee but I saw something today that was just too cool not to share with someone.  You know those little warmer plates that you can plug in and you put scented candles on them and they warm the candle to release the aroma?  They're like little hot plates but they don't get quite as hot as a traditional hot plate.

Well I saw someone using one of these on their desk to keep their coffee warm!!  How shmart is that!!!  If I drank hot coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. I would so totally do that!

It kinda makes me wonder what other kinds of cool, unique ideas people have come up with our there in the world that no one knows about yet.

In other news: I'm trying to increase exposure to the author page that I created for my book so if anyone is so inclined to check it out, "like" it if you've got a second, even pass it along to your friends if you're so inclined.  I would appreciate it.  And for those of you that have mentioned you're waiting for the paperback version of the book; it's getting close to going to print and I keep the Facebook page updated as soon as I have new info so that's a good place to keep informed.  Here's the link:

110 oz of water
1 cup of coffee, black
1 healthy choice lunch
1.5 tuna twisters
2 pieces tuna nigiri
1 monkey ball (mushroom dumpling)
1 mochi
Daily Caloric Intake: 916

Walking: Had a 20 minute wait for a table at dinner and went walking around to kill time
More stressing: No bueno
Playing: Woke up really early this am so I ran around the yard playing with Vladdy as opposed to torturing myself over not being able to sleep until the alarm goes off.

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  1. Yeah, they have hotplates like that that plug into your USB and they also have itty bitty micro-fridges that plug into your USB and chill a can of soda.