Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What a Monday

Yesterday was go-go-go all day long!  I had a super busy day at work and ended up skipping one of my ten minute breaks and cutting my lunch break short so that I wouldn't get behind.  I completely skipped breakfast in any format, inhaled the Healthy Choice lunch as fast as I possibly could and returned to work.  Thankfully, Snackers came home around mid-day and saved me with the last three bites of his ham sandwich and that got me through the rest of the afternoon.

After work I had dinner and went right to work re-reading/editing my book.  Just when I'm thinking a little peanut butter snack or a Fiber One bar might be good, Snackers come in and announces that it's time to leave for bowling and why am I not ready.  What?  Bowling?  Huh?!

So about a month or so ago we just happened to walk by this flyer for a "cheapskate league" at the local bowling alley (we just happened by it because the local bowling alley is in a casino that we often frequent) and at only $5 per week Snackers decided to join up and I totally forgot about it!  So no time for a Snack, I had to run around like a crazy person to get ready and head out the door.  When we got there I wished, almost instantly, that I had joined the league too.  I didn't join originally because I have to cut off all of the fingernails on my bowling hand so that I don't rip them off and I didn't want to do that.  Well now I'm wishing I had because they looked like they were having a lot of fun and it's a cheapskate league so they don't even really keep score from week to week, it's just a way to play, practice, have fun, and meet new people.  I wanna pway!!!

So we got home sometime after 11 and I literally went straight to bed.  I didn't even think to publish yesterday's post or nothin'.  I even left letting the dogs out to potty and bringing them back in up to Snackers.  When he got done he came in the bedroom and was like "wow ... tired huh?".  lol  Being too busy to eat can be a good thing if it's not a common habit I suppose.  On the upside I wasn't very active yesterday so my true caloric deficit is a lot lower than it would have been had I, say, played three games of bowling.  (P.s. yes the bowling alley had a Snack bar but my options were cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and pizza.  No tanky! I did drink 3 styrofoam cups of water though, so my water intake was actually a little higher than what I posted for yesterday.)

130 oz of water
1 cup of coffee (no creamer, it's gone!)
1 serving cantaloupe juice
1 Healthy Choice lunch
4 strawberries
5 crackers w/ham cheese slices
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 medium artichoke boiled w/salt
1 ear of corn boiled w/salt
2 tbsps peanut butter
Daily Caloric Intake: 947

Cleaning: Cleaned the patio, emptied Vladdy's pool, washed it out and refilled it
Cleaning: Cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes
Walking: Multiple short distances at football practice
Jogging: Jogged w/Piper across the football field just for fun

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