Sunday, September 18, 2011

Museum Day

Well Snackers didn't want to do anything that involved paddling or swinging because he said his back hurt so we decided to have a museum day.  First we went to Freemont Street for champagne brunch and walked the shops, then we hit the Las Vegas Natural History museum and walked through every single room in every single exhibit but it was easily the dumbest, most boring, sparsest natural history museum I've ever been in.  Even in spite of reading a bunch of plaques, pushing every interactive button, and playing with the hands-on items in the kids room exhibit, we were in and out in under an hour.

Next we went to the Springs Preserve which I thought was awesome but Snackers wasn't a fan.  They had a bug show but it was geared for kids and we were bored so we left and went to walk around.  They had a small selection of live desert animals, an exhibit about Hoover Dam, one about the Mormon Pioneers, a pretty spiffy flash flood room, and some cool interactive water features.  I've marked our path on the map below, click it to see a larger version.

Map of the Springs Preserve

I color coded the path to avoid overlapping, starting with green from the car to the bug show.  Red from the bug show all through the indoor exhibits and the outdoor animal exhibit, outside to the cafe where we had a coffee because it was all we could afford (astronomical prices!!), over to the playground just for kicks, and down to the gardens.  I wanted to walk all through the gardens but Snackers started to complain about being bored, loudly, to utter strangers - so the blue line is where we went straight back to the car and left.  Here is the only picture that we took at the preserve:

Snackers rides a bunny-wabbit

From there we hit the Atomic Testing Museum which Snackers originally didn't even want to go to but it ended up being the coolest location of all.

Me with a piece of the World Trade Center from 9/11

Me with a piece of the Berlin Wall

Snackers and I hanging with an A-Bomb, pre-detonation
Snackers and I, hanging out with an A-Bomb, post-detonation

We were out running around between museums for over 5 hours plus we spent an hour or so walking around the Freemont Street experience.  We climbed so many flights of stairs that I completely lost count and I wish I had bought a new pedometer.

100 oz of water
8 oz champagne
1 veggie/cheese sandwich
2 cups of coffee
12 oz cold green tea
2 tuna hand rolls
3 slices tuna sashimi
4 pieces california roll
Daily Caloric Intake: 962

Walking/Standing: 5 hours, no clue how far but over varied terrain - in some cases walking quite fast
Stairs: At least 5 flights that I can remember for sure

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