Friday, September 2, 2011

Coming Back Down

Weighed this morning, 227.5 - I'm coming back down again but the question is, with so little physical activity this week, how low will I go?  My lowest weight ever thus far was exactly where I am at now and I have three days before the official weigh-in so the question is this ... will I continue to drop and reach a new low (which would be totally odd and hard to understand), will I gain right back up over the weekend like I seem to do every damned week, or will I stall out?  I guess that depends on what I do this weekend but I'm pretty confused - I didn't do anything of merit this week so I can't imagine that I would lose any fat by Monday, water sure.  So if I spend the next three days doing nothing, logic dictates that I will probably stall out right?

But if I spend the next three days exercising, my own personal history has shown that I will probably retain copious amounts of water and have yet another shitty weigh-in come Monday.  I wish I could hook my body up to a machine that would help me to understand it better.

One thing that I do know is that I've been on prenatal vitamins for a month now and I love them!  My hair and nails feel stronger than ever, I'm not shedding hair nearly as badly as I used to, I haven't had any of the problems that everyone claimed I would have from prenatals (constipation, etc), and they don't seem to drop my blood sugar levels or make me sick to my stomach like every other vitamin I've tried so far.  YAY!

They also seem to be improving my mood, along with the low-levels of estrogen the OBGYN has me taking, because I've been a lot less bitchy lately which means, overall Snackers and I are getting along a lot better.  I remind myself of my dad in that regard too - he's diabetic so he'll just fly off the handle over the dumbest things when his blood sugars are out of whack and I've kind of been like that at home.  (Though I'm not taking all of the blame, we've both been stressed throughout this whole house buying process and we're finally both starting to relax a little).

We still have some unpacking to do around the house, stupid little things that we've put off because we didn't really know where we wanted to put them or because we just didn't need them right away.  I'd like to rearrange the living room again (still trying to get it just right), and clean out the guest room (full of furniture we've decided to just sell on craigs list).  I don't know if it'll happen though, Snackers has another football function on Saturday and we want to go hiking on Sunday ... but I'm an 'a place for everything, and everything in it's place' kind of person so this being half-unpacked thing is starting to make me twitch. lol

130 oz of water
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 small salad
1 serving whole wheat pasta
>>w/chicken and tomato basil sauce
1/2 cup green tea and ginger ail
Daily Caloric Intake: 820

Rearranged the living room: Moving furniture, cleaning, unpacked two more boxes and put stuff away.
Walking: 1/4 mile
Sprinting: 4 long sprints, about twice as long as usual.  On grass, felt great!!!


  1. At 800 calories you should be losing weight regardless of exercise.I bet it would be ok for you to add some veggies to your diet. Then you wouldn't be starving yourself, and you would be eating healthy.

  2. I LOVE my prenatal vitamins!!! As long as I keep my water intake up, I dont have constipation problems. BUT I sure do get some funny looks at the checkout counter!!

  3. Wow ... Why does everyone keep accusing me of starving myself, does anyone even read the things I say? For the 8-millionth time, I am NOT starving myself! I was FORCING MYSELF to eat more than 800 calories because of you people and your comments so I was eating so much that I always felt too full or I was eating bad foods because of their higher calories. I feel completely satisfied at 800, I like 800. I never once go hungry ... IN FACT, I never even FEEL hungry when I'm on 800. I eat on a schedule rather than because my stomach is telling me that it's time to eat.