Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football Has Begun

Well it is officially football season - I know because I had to make a late night run to the local casino with Snackers to cash in his first win of the season last night, $98 off a $14 bet.  Go Snackers!  We got the Red Zone package this year so it's blasting through the house right now and last night the team Snackers coaches won their first game: 31 to 0.

We went grocery shopping and I bought a bunch of things for my three-day fruit and veggie fast.  Here are the rules: I can still have my morning cup of coffee but I'm going to TRY to drink it black.  I can have nuts and seeds as fillers but, other than that, it's all fruit and veg.  I bought tomatoes, nectarines, plouts, kiwis, bananas, a watermelon, and a canteloup for fruit.  And I got cucumbers, chickpeas, corn, artichokes, carrots, and onions for veggies.  I wanted to get some fresh asparagus but they didn't have any that looked healthy - I might pick some up at a different store later if I start running out.  I'd like to get some fresh blueberries too - Snackers bought some a month or so ago and they were tasty.

So tonight will be my last taste of carbs or meats for three days - it's going to be hard because I'm not a fan of fruit at all but I bought a lot of it and I HATE throwing food away so hopefully my frugal personality will help me stay strong.

138 oz of water
1 chili verde omlette w/avo and pico
1 slice pumpkin bread
1 cup coffee w/creamer
1 bowl banana granola w/skim
2 glasses red wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,039

Walking: Walked to the post office and up and down the neighborhood with Snackers while he chased down the ice cream man
Speed Walking: Snackers and I got bored in the evening so we went to WalMart and had speed walking races all over the store and parking lot
Shopping: Our usual weekly grocery shopping trip
Playing w/Snackers and Vladdy in the back yard


  1. If you don't like your coffee black, I recommend trying tea. No honey or sweetener, but a really great green or black tea.

    I went totally nuts for it, and now me and the loose leaf tea shop are on first name basis.

    Just something new to try . . .

  2. I can gag down green tea but I'd take black coffee over black tea any day. Today's black coffee wasn't so bad actually. Surprising