Monday, September 5, 2011

Weigh-In #43: Awesomeness

First thing's first: 226!!!  A new low!!!!  WHOOOOPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Item #2: I cut off all of my hair, took a picture, and am changing my main side-bar pic from:

OMH I look like my mother!!!

And now, for the main theme of today's post ... KAYAKING!!!  Snackers and I have been wanting to go for years and even considered buying our own kayaks but because neither of us had ever been kayaking before we always hesitated to buy them because ... well what if we didn't like it right?  So we got this coupon, a full freakin' day on the river for $30!!!  BOOYAH!

The rental was so out of the way, which totally explains the massive discount.  It was this little mining town about 45 minutes from Henderson and about 7 miles from the Colorado River.  Stepping out of the car felt like stepping back in time and we couldn't stop just staring in all directions.  It's teeny tiny but so amazing!

That is the mine entrance up on the hill
We headed over to the little store, signed the paperwork, paid our measly little fee and loaded up our kayaks!

Me and Snackers in front of the store: We both look so much smaller than we did the last time we took a photo standing together!!!!

Me, my car, and our kayaks!  Ready to go!!!
 First we paddled straight across the Colorado river to explore a cave that the rental place told us about.  We got about 20 feet into it, saw our first snake, and high-tailed it right back out again.  That's ok, we didn't need to see it that bad! lol.  After that we paddled to a cliff where people were cliff jumping.  I've been before, not a fan of heights, but this was Snackers' first time.  He's totally hooked!!!

I'm rocking a spare tire in a wet shirt here but oh well, I look awesome compared to 10 months ago!!!

Snackers gets truly air-born for the first time in his life and LOVES IT!

After that we paddled back to the car, had a granola bar and some water, then headed back out again.  We cruised up and down the river, found a quiet little cove where we had some sandwiches, did some more cliff jumping, did some swimming ... and maybe some discreet kissing :) and then, alas, our time was up so we loaded up the kayaks and headed back to drop them off.

Me on the left, Snackers on the right.

And then we had to high-five, paddle style, for one more pic before packing up!

This was absolutely the most fun thing I've done since my family had our own horses and I used to just let my horse open up and run until she felt like stopping.  We're hooked ... guess we'll have to budget some kayaks into our savings plan - hopefully before the season ends because we both wanna go again!  I had a few more calories today than my 800-ish average but I also burned a lot more calories.  We hit the water around 8:30 - 9:00 and by 11 I felt like I was going to pass out so I ate the granola bar and drank the tea/ginger ale.  By noon I felt like I was hungry again and we had the sandwiches we packed and some water.  By the time we got home I was feeling hungry again but I showered and got cleaned up before supper.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 homemade sandwich
>>sourdough, genoa, muenster, and EVOO mayo
2 mini-fish taco's
12 oz green tea and ginger ale
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,002

Packing up the car for kayaking
Loading the kayaks - yep, I totally helped load them at the rental place and at the river when we were done
Unloading the kayaks - I unloaded them with Snackers at the river but I was inside doing paperwork when they unloaded them at the rental place.
Swimming / Kayaking / Hiking (we got out of the water and hiked around in several places in addition to the snake-cave)
Shopping: After supper Snackers and I couldn't resist, we hit two sports stores to "window shop" / "price" kayaks of our own to find how much they would set us back.


  1. :)

    So proud of you!

    H and I are always telling people we know how impressed we are with how well you've stuck to it and how much progress you've made.

    You look great!

  2. Thanks!!! I'm nothing if not stubborn huh?! :) You have been the biggest source of motivation for me to keep going you know. You've always been that way for me, my whole life. I can't think of anyone I have ever known who has been as supportive and motivational in my life as you have been.

  3. You look fantabulous :)
    That looks like so much fun!! Glad you both had a great day

  4. Fantastic! There you have it. Wild celebration and squees of delight! You know, I'm not even really trying to lose weight and your work gives me hope.

  5. Thank you both so much!

    Typical me, out of my deepest frustrations come results. It's a shame that I have to piss myself off to get anywhere but I guess that's just how I am. lol

    Snackers said "you're getting into my range" meaning weight because he bounces from the 2-teens to the 2-twenties at will. Yep ... I'm getting there. My secret goal to weigh less than him is slowly getting closer.

  6. You are beautiful. Isn't it nice to look in the mirror and like what you see? I was glad to read in your comment at my place about Shawn being a big part of your motivation. Men like their women to look and feel sexy. They are dogs, let's face it (in a good way :-) My husband and I went to a marriage seminar once called "His needs, Her needs". There is a book by that name. You two may want to read it. The No. 1 thing on the men's list was sex and on the women's it was communication. Men also wanted their women to be a buddy (if he likes to fish, he wants her to fish with him). Women want a good provider on their list. Men want praise from their women. If he empties an ashtray he wants recognition for it. It's a good book.

  7. Looking good!! And there's a HUGE difference now from 10 months ago!

    It's nice that you guys had so much fun.