Friday, September 16, 2011

Let Them Eat Pizza

So last Saturday Snackers and the other coaches told the boys on their football team that if they won the game they could have a pizza party, and they did.  So last night I went, with my friend, to pick up the pizza's toward the end of practice.  They were laid out on a tailgate and the boys were set loose on them and oooooh those pies smelled so good.  Well by the time the boys had cleared out every last slice was gone and my friend and I stood on the side lines watching them enjoy their prize wishing we'd have gotten even just one piece to share between us ... after all, we did go and get them.

But once the boys had finished eating and the boxes had been taken to the trash I realized I was grateful that the 20-something hungry teenage boys and coaches had saved me from the guilt I would have felt if I'd eaten any - especially after cheating and having nacho's for supper.  OH!  The nacho's, by the way, weren't half as good as I remember them!  I'm not sure if that was the fault of the cook or because I've gone so long without ordering them but it was kind of like closure for me.

I can't believe it's Friday again already.  I really want to do something fun this weekend, if we can afford it.  I'd like to go golfing now that the weather has cooled off again and it's not so hot but Snackers has had a major knot in his shoulder muscles so I'm not sure if he's going to be up for it or not.  Still ... I wanna do something fun and highly active.  I hope Snackers does too.

Today I am having watermelon juice for breakfast.  I cubed up the rest of the watermelon which came out to about 8 cups.  I put the cubes in the Ninja little-by-little and pureed them into a juice.  It made just over 3 servings of 12 oz per serving so I poured the extra ounces into a glass, added a splash of sprite, and served it up to Snackers last night ... he liked it!  I was going to add my last two banana's but forgot so I guess I'll put them in with the cantaloupe when the watermelon juice is gone.

132 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
12 oz watermelon juice
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 Healthy choice lunch
1 tbsp of peanut butter
1/2 cup glass noodles
1 cabbage roll
1 cup stir fry mushrooms
1/4 cup cherry cobbler
Daily Caloric Intake: 967

Walking/shopping: I wanted to get all of our weekly shopping done tonight so that we wouldn't have to do it Sunday like we usually do. We want to enjoy our Sunday together this week.

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