Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Fast: Day 3 (& Pictures)

November, 2010 (287 lbs)
September, 2011 (226 lbs)

This is what -61 lbs looks like.  I may not be all that impressed by this month's picture compared to last month's picture but I can sure as hell say I'm impressed by this.  Every once in a blue moon I have to remind myself that just because I'm stalled out right now doesn't mean I've gotten nowhere - I try to remember back to what the scale looked like when I was looking at 280's and 270's and remind myself that I haven't seen those numbers in a long time!  Of course I can't let myself get too excited with the progress I've made or I have a tendency to think 'well that's good enough' and then I fall off the wagon (as you all have seen me do several times) but I also can't focus too much on my recent lack of progress or I'll get frustrated and lose hope.  It's a balancing act but that right there (up) is inspirational.  That's me .... those are pictures of me.  Sometimes it just boggles my brain.

We went to the local buffet last night and I thought for sure it was going to SUCK being on a fruit and veg fast but, as it turns out, it was a WONDERFUL place to find fruits and veg!!!  Oh the selection!  They had this lovely salad bar (which was why I had agreed to go in the first place) but by the time I'd raided the steamed veggies I barely had room for a few bites of fruit.  Everything tasted so fresh and I asked the chefs behind the counter how this or that was cooked and did it contain butter?  There were a few things that they had that I didn't try, like the veggie stir fry and the mustard greens which were cooked in butter.  But there was one chef that when I asked him if the broccoli was cooked in butter, he said 'no but there are pats of it on the salad bar by the rolls', and I said 'I'm avoiding butter' (as I'm heaping broccoli on my plate) and he started pointing out everything he thought I would like!  It was AWESOME!  When he pointed out the stir-fry tofu (cooked in peanut oil) with peas and carrots I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  It tasted just like chicken (only slimier) and helped me really feel like I wasn't depriving myself.  When Snackers hit the dessert bar I hit the fruit section - he left feeling so full he could barely walk and I left feeling invigorated and ready to run the mall.

Oh, and p.s. another little triumph.  This month's picture was taken wearing my spandex walking pants.  I originally bought them to wear under my normal jogging pants to cut down thigh friction but I've decided that I look better in them than I ever thought I would.  The triumph?  I feel comfortable enough with my progress to take a picture of myself wearing spandex and post it on the internet!  HOLY CRAP BATMAN!

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee, black
12 oz fruit shake (made last night)
>>2 pluots, 2 necatrines, 2 kiwi, 1 banana, 4 cups watermelon
1 serving cucumber slaw
1 serving sunflower seeds
1 large artichoke, boiled w/salt
1 ear of corn, boiled w/salt
Daily Caloric Intake: 849

Not much, made dinner, cleaned up after myself, picked up poop in the back yard and that's about it.

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  1. Good job! Just remember, it's not *ALL* about the weight, though I know that's important, it's also about just knowing you are eating healthier and trying your best to be the best you you can be. At the end of the day, progress certainly matters, but there's no shame in giving it your all continuously regardless of outcome.

    Live healthy to be healthy. After that, accept what nature provides.

    Having said that, your progress and current "stall" are not in vain... I forget the actual # but I read a while back that the avg. overweight American only needs to lose 30# to fall outside of the "extreme danger"-zone. You've lost DOUBLE that, so from a health-perspective your odds of suffering a major health-crisis have been immensely improved.

    Sure, you can do better -- and you SHOULD keep striving for it because no doubt you will still find more success.

    But going as far as you have is nothing to sneeze at.

    And, as far as *TIME* is concerned, you're going about it in all the right ways; a *SLOW* but *SUSTAINED* weight-loss is the key to a permanent weight-loss; one primary reason is because in that effort you end up adopting new life-long improved habits like eating more fruits and veggies and being more active.

    I was told once by a body-builder that it takes about 2 solid years of healthy-eating and exercise to fundamentally alter your body chemistry; once achieve that state the weight-loss and muscle-ability really solidify and you are truly capable of reaching your potential (given your age and natural "build"). This wasn't a normal body builder, this was a guy who'd started out obese and eating fast food all the time and then one day decided he didn't want to be that guy anymore. I was talking to him about 4 years or so into his journey and you'd have never known he was obese; you'd have thought he was working out his whole life.

    So my point is that you are not quite half-way through your journey if you look at from a chemistry point-of-view (based on his experience).

    Enjoy your success -- you deserve it!
    And double-down, you've got about 14 months left!