Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dying Foot

Oops.  Ok so last weekend Snackers and I went looking for two things that I needed to make walking/exercise easier.  The first item was a pair of compression pants which we found at Target for super cheap and I love, love, love them.  The second item was a daytime brace for my PF which we found at Walgreens.  The instant I put the little stocking like wrap on I felt relief ... it was like a whole new foot!  I wore it all the rest of Sunday evening, took it off before bed, and put it back on first thing Monday morning.

Wore it all day Monday, took it off before bed, and put it back on first thing Tuesday morning.  When I woke up yesterday morning I went to scratch my leg at the top of the brace and it felt bruised but the relief that the little sock brought to my heel was too wonderful so I simply folded the top down a smidge and went on with my day.

Last night at football practice my whole foot started to hurt so I took the brace off and my foot and leg were purple everywhere that the sock had been.  Two of my friends insisted that I needed to spend some time without the sock because that was bad and I knew that they were right but no sock meant no walking and once I took it off my foot started to hurt even worse, all over ... you know, like when you sleep on your arm and it falls asleep and then starts to ache everywhere due to loss of blood flow.

My foot remained purple throughout practice, though it did start to improve.  When we got home and I told Snackers he looked at it and said he could still see a color difference even though it had been almost three hours since I'd first taken the sock off.  So I guess I'm going to go without it today, which means no walking today ... but on the up-side I weighed this morning and am back down to 228.0.

Ok, so it's definitely still not fat loss, but at least I can take comfort in knowing it wasn't fat gain either.  My diet yesterday felt so much more normal to me!  I had one little hand-roll for supper on the way to practice and thought I would be starving when I got home but I wasn't.  I had a bite of hummus on a spoon because I wanted to take my vitamin and I didn't want it to upset my empty tummy but it felt a lot better to be back to eating less and not feeling like I HAD to eat a certain number of calories.  Cass was right, my food choices lately have sucked.  When I'm choosing healthy food options and just eating until I'm satisfied an 800 calorie average just happens.  When I was actually trying to eat 12,000 + I felt like I was having to either eat twice as much healthy food as I wanted to or eat bad food in order to increase my count.  Maybe that's just the way I am ... different people have different metabolisms after all.  I knew a gal in college (Ki knew her too) that could put down a full rack of ribs with sides at Chili's and finish whatever anyone else at the table didn't want and she only weighed 96 lbs.  Maybe caloric recommendations aren't 'one-size fits all'.  Clearly she needed more calories in her diet on average and maybe I'm just someone who needs less than average in mine.

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving peanut butter
1/2 serving greek salad
1 serving sunflower seeds
3/4 chicken quesadilla
5 cherries
Daily Caloric Intake: 859

Walking: 0.75 mile
Rough housing w/Vladdy


  1. It's true that metabolisms are individual things, but there's no way that 800cal/day is normal.

    Something else gives.
    You may want to give serious consideration to seeing a professional dietician.

  2. Very good point you made there. We are all very different and our bodies respond differently when we're trying to lose weight. E.D. can eat like a maniac for 3 days straight but all he has to do is eat less food for a couple of days and he loses 3-5 pounds. I have to work at it the entire week in order to show a loss. I learned the hard way that what works for you may not work for me and that has a lot to do with hormones, medical issues, chemical imbalances, core strength, stress, etc. There are so many variables; that's why there are so many different diet plans out there. You found a system that was working for you. As long as it's keeping you healthy, you're getting all your nutrients in, and your doctor is fine with the lower calories, then do what works for you.

    And please get the food checked out by a podiatrist. :)

  3. Las Vegas has one of the worst health care systems in the entire country and I don't have insurance. I haven't seen a medical doctor since I was 21 when I had inflamed tendonitis in my shoulder and was able to go to the Doctor's Free Clinic in St. George, Utah. I do visit my OBGYN regularly and she has helped me a great deal with the early menopause and hormone problems but that's at Planned Parenthood and they're about the only reasonable medical system in Nevada - because they're a national program. I just can't afford podiatrists or family practice doctors on principle alone. $78 just for a visit and then the plethora of surprise fee's that they slip in here and there aren't worth it. Doctors are completely unethical these days. In that respect I am afraid that I truly am my father's daughter.

  4. Sorry to hear that. It's terrible that you can't get insurance. The whole healthcare system here in the US sucks unless you've got lots of money. I probably wouldn't have insurance either if it wasn't for the fact that my hubby is a city employee and has a union. Too bad there aren't any other facilities near you that offer free health care; not even your local hospital has an inexpensive walk-in clinic, huh? At least they have that here and what you pay depends on your income.

  5. Yeah that's why I will go to Planned Parenthood, because they have me on an income-based sliding scale. Utah had the free clinic and then IHC was also work with you on fees if you needed to see a Dr. Vegas has InstaCare but it's $75 just to walk in the door + a $3 filing fee for new patients. When I was looking into getting tests to confirm my suspicions regarding early menopause they wanted to do three tests, two hormonal tests and a pregnancy test (which they said was standard with the hormonal test even though I was 100% positive that I wasn't pregnant). The two hormone tests were $65 and $85 and the pregnancy test was $30. Planned Parenthood wanted to do a pregnancy test too but they only charged $10 and they did all three hormone tests for $40 total. So even though InstaCare is supposed to be an inexpensive walk-in clinic, and it probably is inexpensive compared to the rest of Vegas, it's insane compared to the rest of the country. Plus, when we took Snackers there once a couple of years ago it took us two hours just to get into a room (mostly spent in standing room only).