Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very Bad Night

Well I slept like crap last night and I suspect it's because I did less exercising than usual.  The stretching felt good though and about the only part of me that really hurts right now are my inner thigh muscles.  I must have woken up three different times last night and ended up rolling out of bed an hour early, feeling like a complete zombie but totally unable to go back to sleep.

The lack of sleep is making me irritable and the neighbors aren't helping.  They've locked their dog out on the balcony again and it's been whining and howling all freakin' day.  It's a relatively small dog, a pampion I think they're called, so I'm surprised they're leaving it out in this cold weather.

Work was busy but excruciatingly slow, again probably because I'm so tired.  I was sorely tempted, last night, to inhale that last 175 calories in the form of some kind of candy bar but lacked the ambition to actually go to the store and buy one; which is probably for the best.  I know I can't deprive myself or, at some point, I'm going to snap and go ape-crazy on the chocolate isle but, for now, the cravings for sweets are only minor.  Still, I should probably pick up a low calorie snack this weekend to curb them before they become raging monsters or I may not be able stop them.  I do miss chocolate.  I bought a 100 calorie box of mini ice-cream snickers once, that might be ok if I only eat one a week or a half of one twice a week.

2 glasses of water
1.5 cups of coffee with creamer
1 cup fat free milk
1 cup raisin bran
1/2 cup of white rice with lemon pepper
1/8 of a kielbasa link
2 slices white american cheese
1 cup of spaghetti noodles (cooked)
1 cup of spaghetti sauce w/ground beef
1 piece of garlic toast
8 oz White Zinfandel
2 fruit popsicles (45 calories each)
Daily Caloric Intake:1,496

90 crunches (stomach)
30 leg lifts (side) each leg
30 leg lifts (front) each leg
30 push ups (girl push-ups, still)
Daily Caloric Burn: 221


  1. Wow I am SO IMPRESSED by your water intake, although only 2 glasses today, ANY water intake for you, is GREAT. I would like to challenge you to 4-6 glasses everyday next week -----and to at least one piece of fruit per day; I know you're not a fruit eater, (you loved it as a baby though), but it will GREATLY curb your desire to have a "sweet". Oh yea and I'm also even MORE IMPRESSED by 1)getting rid of soda's and 2)"Temptation" being SO GREAT at trying to support you - I know he thinks you're PERFECT, but to see how much he LOVES you and will TRY to support you is wonderful of him. Keep up the GREAT work, it's fun reading your blog, you're very entertaining and funny too. "Marmie"

  2. Thanks for the support mum. I'm not necessarily posting every glass of water on here because I continue to drink more after posting and since it doesn't affect calories I sometimes forget to add them. I usually drink one or two with dinner alone. Last week I averaged around 4 per day. I'm up to 4 already tonight and still not done exercising...just taking a quick water break. ;) You're right, I don't like fruit, in fact I don't even have any in the house but we're going shopping tomorrow so I'll put some kind of fruit on the list. Don't forget I'll be at your place for half of the coming week so you'll have to help me track my water and fruit so I can conquer your challenge.

  3. HEY PS TO EVERYONE: Weekly challenges like this one from "Marmie" are a great idea. If anyone else wants to suggest a weekly challenge for me I'll try to take them on as long as they're realistic and doable for me. I'll even make a new section on this blog to highlight the "Weekly Challenge" I'm working on and post my daily progress with it. Bring it on, I lurve a good challenge!

  4. I recomend taking a motrin/ibuprofen before bed. it was help reduce the swelling of your muscles and should help reduce waking up due to soreness.

    Also a good way to get your choclate fix in a good(ish) way is to get a bag a mini-dark chocolate bars. Hershy makes an assorted mix. Ration yourself 1-2 a day. You can use the daily vitamin deviders to makes sure you don't eat more than you alloted chocolate rations.

    Also are you taking a daily vitamin? Other good suppliments to help encourage your body to heal and rebuild is Glutamine (to reduce the build up of lactic acid and reduce soreness) and Glucosamine (to help with joint movement and strength). If you haven't tried those I HIGHLY recommend them. That is my challenge for you.


  5. I am taking a multi-vitamin but it's not a good one. I will look up the Glutamine and Glucosamine, I could use anything to help right now. We need to hang out, I've missed you.

  6. That's cruel and dangerous to lock a dog out on an apartment balcony. Please call the local humane society if they do that again. If something happened to him that you could've prevented, you'd feel pretty bad :(

    I just started taking One A Day Energy for my multivitamin and I like it. I also take Omega3 supplements as they really help my joints!

    Two glasses of water isn't enough to keep you healthy and energized. The 64 oz that we often hear about, that's what healthy people should consume. If you are double the weight you should be, then you may need double that amount of water. Even more water than that will accelerate your weight loss. It is possible to train yourself to drink more water. :-)

  7. Hi Laine, I called the apartment management on the neighbors and haven't seen the dog since. I have a big bottle of one a day women's I'm working through, then I'll likely be trading it out for something more designed for weight loss.

    I recently finished a water challenge from my mom and it's got my daily water intake up to 4 or 5 on most days. You're right, I am training myself to drink more. I used to drink zero water, never, would rather die of thirst than drink water. I started breaking that habit about 7 months ago and now I don't even like the taste of coke anymore ... which is just awesome!!!

  8. You're making lots of progress on the waterfront :)

    I noticed re-reading my One A Day Energy bottle that it has "as much caffiene as one cup of coffee" so some day I might actually try to *gasp* give up my morning Pepsi. Not today though.