Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hooray Cardio!

So last night I broke out the Wii Fit and decided to try out the step aerobics.  I did the routine a few times and then it suggested a water break (the Wii did, polite of it huh?)  So I drank a glass of water and then went at it a few more times.  Took another 10 minute water break and was going to quit and then thought "I can totally get a perfect score, I know I can" so then I was up and at it again.  Long story short after 60 minutes I was huffing and puffing and I was drenched in sweat.  I didn't get the perfect score but I'm not giving up.  I unlocked advanced mode so I'm gonna try again today and see if I can beat it.  The Wii evaluation said I weighed 274 ... not sure if that's just a scale difference or if I've really lost another 5 lbs but I'm not going to get on the bathroom scale until tomorrow morning as planned.  I shouldn't have peeked on the Wii though, now I'm nervous.

This morning we had breakfast at Mimi's because they have an awesome "Light and Fit" type menu that has calorie totals on each dish.  I also picked up some honey bran muffins to have for breakfast this week because the calories on them were very decent.  We went to Whole Foods, as promised, and I realized that they are waaaay too expensive, there's just no way.  I picked up a few pieces of fruit because they had really pretty produce and then we tucked our tails back to Wal-Mart where I drove "Temptation" nuts with my label reading.

On that note, Egg Nog is an evil plot invented by diet companies.  If someone can sue McDonalds for making them fat, the Egg Nog industry should have a giant red target on the backs of all their Armani suits.  We did a fair amount of walking around during the shopping but I'm not going to count it in my exercise today because it was sporadic and I didn't track the time we spent actually walking around like I did the last time.  I did, however, get some rubber soled socks to wear on the Wii Fit because it skinned my big toe last night from working out barefoot.  Behold, football is on.  Joy.

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/ half n' half, and a splenda packet
1 Egg White Omlette
1 slice of honeydew melon
1 slice of pinapple
1 cup of grapes
1 orange slice
1 glass of tomato juice
1 cup of lasagna
1 Hershey's 100 calorie snack pack
54 french fries
1 cup vegetable fried rice
Daily Caloric Intake:1,652

2 hours walking/standing (Perfect Circle Concert)
21 minutes Wii Fit aerobics
Total Caloric Burn: 334


  1. Wow. That's cool that Nintendo is now using their devious mind-tricks for our good . . .

  2. Wii rocks. I love Wii. Wii is my friend. Did you know that with the new Zelda for Wii you can buy a sword extension for the controller and literally hack your foe to bits? Oh yeah baby ... simulated combat + motion gaming + the wonder and majesty of Zelda = Gamer Heaven!!!

  3. I love my Wii fit. I use it to weigh in daily. It helps keep me on track and motivates me. If you can desensitize yourself about the fluctuations it's very useful. I just figure my weight is what it is, whether or not I know about it. Knowledge is power.

    I'm impressed by how long you stuck with the steps. I do like free step cuz I can watch my TV at the same time. I got the Walk It Out game, and it's my favorite!

    I was really shocked how high-calorie eggnog is myself.Luckily, I don't care for it, but I saw Dr. Oz just yesterday say it was something like 430 calories per serving. Makes me feel better about my daily Pepsi habit.

    You are rocking the fruit habit. The 5 daily rule, that's also a minimum so you get more than that it's even better for you. Lots of people avoid it because of the high sugar/carb content, but after a recent experiment I'm convinced it's so worth it.

  4. Oh yeah people hear the words sugar and carbs and instantly think "bad". I think society has conditioned us to ignore the differences between natural and processed and that's why so many people struggle with weight. They think they have to cut sugar and carbs entirely which most of us just can't or won't develop a taste for.

    The thing they don't realize is that some sugar is part of the necessary glycemic balance. I have a diabetic father and fruit is an important part of his diet.

    Also, many carbs (especially natural ones) are also fiber and fiber is soooo very important too! I don't care for the taste of most fruits, never have, but I'm working on that.