Friday, November 12, 2010

Not A Bad Beginning

Yesterday wasn't so bad, not too shabby at all.  The dinner from Panda Express probably wasn't the best idea but I didn't go much over my caloric goal of 1600 and I managed to burn over 300 during my lunch break.  I discovered that the crunches were easier than I had expected so I was able to do twice as many as I had promised myself I would do.  I was also surprised by how difficult the leg lifts were, I guess that's because my legs weigh so much.  After completing the crunches and leg lifts I decided to lay on my stomach, prop myself up on my elbows and kick my feet up and down like I used to do as a kid.  I figured, any movement is better than just laying there sedentary right?  Come to find out that's not a half bad way to exercise the backs of my thighs and they actually feel pretty tight this morning as a result.  Who knew?

Today has been a bit tougher.  Yesterday I was able to wait until 11 am to eat a bagel and then didn't eat anything else until dinner...though a massive Sprite craving attacked me after dinner and I was forced to ignore it in agony until I finally just went to bed to make it go away.  This morning, however, I woke up starving and, though I truly tried to wait until 11 am again I was reduced to eating the bagel at 9 am.  To my surprise I was not only hungry, again, by 1 pm but even had a case of the shakes so I begrudgingly ate the hot dog.  I'll be honest here, I resisted putting mayo on it like I usually do in the interest of eating to sustain instead of eating for pleasure and, as a result I didn't enjoy the dog one bit but it did make my hands stop shaking.

After the dog I was pretty upset because I was sure I wasn't going to be able to find a dinner that was under 1,000 calories AND would appease "Temptation".  To my surprise, however, he agreed to Subway and I've already accustomed myself to eating the oven roast chicken on 9 grain bread with no mayo or cheese so I was thrilled!  So much so that I even permitted myself a glass of Sprite with dinner and I'm still under my daily caloric intake goal.

The night is yet young however and, considering the fact that I've been feeling violently hungry every four hours or so, I am worried that tonight is going to be really, really hard.  I also have a birthday coming up on Monday and "Temptation" has informed me to just "forget" my diet because he has already ordered some ungodly kind of cake and wants to go to our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.  God hates me.

4 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee with a splash of creamer
1 whole onion bagel toasted
2 Tbsps cream cheese
1 beef hot dog w/bun and mustard
Foot long Subway Sandwich (oven roasted chicken, no cheese, 9 grain bread, vinegar, veggies)
12 oz Sierra Mist Natural
Daily Caloric Intake:1482

30 leg lifts (side) per leg
30 leg lift (front) per leg
30 leg crunches (front) both legs
90 stomach crunches
Daily Caloric Burn: 498


  1. Hello

    Do you like fruit? Perhaps you can snack on fruit and veggies during the day. It sounds like you are trying to save most of your calories for supper with your boyfriend and while I understand that rationale it is going to make your journey very very hard. It is also not good for you to deprive yourself all day. I have found that when I deprive myself in that way it leads to binges. Try eating some fruit or cut up veggies during the day. That will stave off your hunger, nourish your body and be low enough in calories that it will not affect your evening meal with your boyfriend.

  2. God loves ya.

    I also think he loves sushi. I know I love sushi. And when it comes right down to it, there are A LOT worse choices for where to eat out.