Monday, November 15, 2010

Bitter Sweet Birthday

So this morning was my first weigh in and I wanted to do it first thing in the morning, no food, no beverage, just straight-up me.  I also want to make sure that I follow this same protocol on all future weigh-ins to increase accuracy.  Remember yesterday when I said I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't lose much or even saw a small gain because I just started.  Well I lied.  I LOST 8 LBS!!!!  No freaking joke I was so excited I jumped up and down in the bathroom and probably woke the couple that lives downstairs.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

Today however, turned into a terrifying experience after my lunch break from work.  I ate my usual bagel, subbed the cream cheese with two slices of american (fewer calories) and a glass of water.  Then did my work-out.  After the work-out I was feeling really weak and shaky so I laid down on the couch because I couldn't really do much else and woke up 45 minutes later on the floor.  Late getting back to work and still feeling terrible so I wobbled into my office, ate 12 more mini-wheats because they were close at hand and laid my head back to rest.  "Temptation" came home about 10 minutes later and found me asleep in my chair but he had to nudge me to get me to wake up.  He fed me a few pieces of candy covered peanuts and some Sierra Mist because, obviously, my blood sugar was way too low.

I'm confused though because I actually ate more calories today, before the work-out, than I did any other day last week but clearly not enough.  I still feel really, really bad.  I am tempted to think it might be the Hoodia pills and maybe I will have to make sure I'm eating more high-protein foods in the mornings if I'm going to be taking it.  I certainly know that, as bad as I want to lose weight, I don't want to endanger myself doing it.  The look on "Temptations" face when he woke me was horrifying.  He was really, really scared.

Edit: I posted the above before going for my birthday dinner with "Temptation" because I knew I would not likely post before bed once we started to celebrate.  I allowed myself to splurge a little on sushi but still ate less than I thought I was going to because my stomach shrunk and I just couldn't do as many rolls as I used to.  I also forced myself to eat a half a slice of cake, even though I was stuffed to the freakin' gills, because "Temptation" took me to a surprise party at his boss's house where they had the cake waiting and sang to me.  I want to feel guilty about last night but I don't.  One day a month to enjoy a few rarities like cake and sushi can't be all that bad and, in the long run, this lifestyle will be easier to sustain if I don't feel like I am completely depriving myself.

1 glass of water
1 cup coffee with creamer
36 Mini-Wheat biscuts
1 onion bagel (no cream cheese)
2 slice white American cheese
6 oz SierraMist natural
8-10 candy covered peanuts
Several all-you-can-eat sushi rolls (didn't count calories on them)
1/2 piece of birthday cake (also not counted in the calories below)
Daily Caloric Intake: 923

30 Push-ups
90 Crunches
Daily Caloric Burn: 506


  1. I see you ate less than 1000 calories... That's not good! You will keep having these problems until you eat more. Sure you will lose a ton real fast but in the long run it is not worth it. You will ruin your metabolism. Once you go into starvation mode you will either have to eat at a very low level still or gain the weight back. I know you are probably excited about the 8 lbs and really pumped about losing more but it is a marathon not a race!

  2. Hey the 8LB LOSS IS GREAT-----------the 'passing out' NOT SO. While watching your calories, important to be sure they're not too low, as not too high. Also, you really should be eating something high-protein, low fat, earlier in the morning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, remember, you're doing this to BE HEALTHY. Love "marmie"

  3. Hi, it's jog from calorie count. Happy belated birthday.

    I agree with the two other comments. That is no where near enough calories especially if you're working out. Reading that was pretty scary so I can't imagine how your SO was feeling. Hope you have a better day today.

  4. Note to Comments: I'm sorry guys, I didn't eat less than 1,000 calories, I just posted the above before dinner because I knew I wouldn't likely take the time to post after celebrating my birthday. I've added an edit to clear up the confusion.

  5. YEAY!!!! 8 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! Just remember, 8 pounds this week might mean no change next week... your body will *CYCLE*, your weight-loss will not continue at a steady-rate. So keep that in mind if things get tough next week. Also remember that, if you are doing things right, "tough"-weeks are often set-ups for a following "good"-week.


    Lose the pills. They might work for now, but all drugs contain toxins. Toxins are very difficult for your body to eliminate entirely; the excess tends to be stored in your fat cells because fat is a great way for your body to isolate the toxin from the rest of your body. That storage of the toxin makes your fat cells grow larger. Eventually the amount of toxins builds to a point where your body stops being able to efficiently store the toxin and your weight-loss stops and you start to get sick. Once you realize that and stop taking them and leading a healthier lifestyle it's possible for your body to start flushing the toxins from your fat cells and processing them through your system in order to eliminate them -- which can make you sick all over again -- unfortunately this can be many years later when fighting the sickness is even harder because you are older or have other new health problems.

    I understand the temptation of feeling that pill will help you; been there.

    If you need "energy", consider less dramatic options -- coffee, large amounts of water (a huge glass of cold water drunk quickly can boost your energy more than you realize), etc.

    Trust me, the day will come when those pills stop working for you -- and there will be a price to pay. :(


  6. I see others are already chewing you out for your extremely low calorie intake, so I won't beat a dead horse.


    Bad Muse! Very bad! Eat more! You will still lose weight on as much as 1900-2000calories. And my personal recommendation (backed up by research from the National Weight Control Registry) is that breakfast is so very important.

    But on to the more important . . . 8 lbs is FANTASTIC. What a cheering and awesome start! You are obviously doing something right with counting and controlling your calories! That is awesome.

  7. Ok, I hear you. ALL of you. I really do! But I'm not starving myself here. Eating 2,000 calories or more was EASY when I was eating lasagna and ice cream. I'm eating when I'm hungry, I'm not ignoring hunger pains at all. But because I'm eating healthier foods the calories are lower and it just doesn't feel right to eat when I'm not even hungry. Right now I'm at around 1,500 for the day. I've had coffee, cereal, crab salad, tomato soup, and a foot long sub sandwich. I just can't imagine trying to eat another 100 calories, let alone 500. :(

  8. You should probably set your blog to disallow anonymous comments. It can lead to big problems and a lot of negativity.

    I agree that you shouldn't eat when you're not hungry, but you also should choose whole grains over onion bagels. Whole Wheat bagel thins are a good substitute with a lower glycemic index. Grains that are less than whole are more likely to cause spikes in blood sugar.

    I want to point out an inconsistency here, and please don't think me rude because I am trying to be helpful. You say (and I wholeheartedly agree) that it doesn't seem right to eat when you aren't even hungry. Later you mention that you ate a foot long sub sandwich. After eating 6 inches of that sandwich, it's very unlikely that you were still hungry! Earlier you said you were stuffed and had to force yourself to eat a slice of cake. In my opinion, we should NEVER eat until we are "stuffed" just until we are no longer hungry. I think if you can overcome that impulse, you will see quicker progress and feel better in the process. And as for the cake, don't pass it up - ask if they will wrap it up so you can enjoy it later. And you will enjoy it a lot more when you're actually hungry!

  9. Hi Laine! Hey no offense taken and you're totally right. I picked up whole wheat onion bagels last night at the store because the normal ones are finally gone. I hate to throw anything out, it's my mom's fault, she's a child of the depression. :)

    Yeah eating sushi till I was stuffed and then forcing in cake kinda sucked. The sushi-stuffed feeling came on faster than expected, I guess my tummy shrunk because I used to eat a lot more of those stinkin' rolls and I was really bummed that I ate the cake under pressure because, you're absolutely right, I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I wanted to.

    I look back on that even now and think, that was such a delicious looking cake and I really didn't even get to savor and appreciate it because I felt pressured to eat it. :(

    You're 100% right and I agree whole-heartedly with you. Birthday's are over, thankfully, now if I can just get through christmas and new years it should be much easier to choose healthier food choices.

  10. OK - I'm sorry, but "forcing yourself to eat cake". What the hell?????? Why would you put hundreds of calories into your body that you don't want or need?? Just because of what you think someone else might think??? Do you see how screwed up that logic is??? Also, it is in no way helping you with your fitness goals, whatsoever. You are going to have to start focusing on yourself and your OWN nutrition and quit worrying about your boyfriend and everyone else, if you want to make this work for you. Christmas and New Years are just days.. you don't have to eat crap because of it.

  11. p.s. to Laine:

    most of the "anonymous" comments are from my brother, mother, and people I know from college. They're silly but, for the most part, they remember to tag the ends of their posts so I know who they are. :)

  12. I noticed that, but some haters will come by our "fat lady" blogs and just be mean and if it happens when you're busy it'll be out there for the world to see, andit will make you & the rest of us pretty upset. Just a suggestion, of course.

  13. I took your advice and started moderating. I want to make a point of not censoring people who don't agree with me, as long as they are intelligent about it but, you're right, people who drop in just to call us names etc. shouldn't have that kind of power. So far I've not had to reject any posts but I'm sure as followers increase it will happen eventually so I thank you for the tip.

    Still, I want people to know that just because I'm sensoring now doesn't mean I'm going to reject all criticism or tough love comments.