Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping Burns Calories

Ok so anyone who knows me knows that I don't really like to shop but, that said, my birthday is tomorrow and I have been unable to give "Temptation" any ideas as to what to get me for a present.  Last night we shopped but didn't buy anything so today we decided to go out and try again.  YAY more calories burned!  We started the day off with breakfast like we do every Sunday, the one day of the week that either of us really eats breakfast at all.

I accepted the temptation of some corned beef hash but instead of getting the full meal with eggs and hashbrowns I just ordered a side, along with my usual toasted bagel and then I used half the cream cheese I normally use and replaced the lost moisture of the extra cream cheese with a side of pico de gallo which I spooned atop the bagel.  Surprisingly delicious and healthier I'm sure.

After breakfast we went to Payless, Wal-Mart, a book store and the mall.  I wore my shape-ups too so that will help with toning as well as calorie burning.  I picked out two pairs of dress shoes, a pair of work-out pants, a new purse, and a coffee mug.  "Temptation" picked up yet another cina-bun and I went to look around in Spencers while he bought it so that I wouldn't be tempted.  I left the mall without buying anything edible.  I'm so proud of me!  I've eaten about half of my daily calories but that's good because the day is about half over.  So far this hasn't been as difficult as I expected it to be and I'm not even feeling deprived yet.

p.s. Tomorrow is my first weigh-in.  I haven't even been working on my weight for a full week so I am not going to get my hopes up.  In fact I know I may have built some muscle with as bad as my legs have hurt for the last two days so I won't even be surprised if I've gained a few pounds and I'm telling myself now not to get discouraged by tomorrow's numbers ... although I must confess I am still hopeful.  Wish me luck!!!

4 glasses of water
1 cup corned beef hash
1 medium plain bagel - toasted
1 oz cream cheese
2 oz pico de gallo
1 bloody mary (ok so I splurged a wee bit, but it's counted in my calories)
1 cup coffee with creamer
1 salad (lettuce, red beans, beets, onions, olives, light dressing on the side)
6 oz prime rib - dry
3/4 cup crab salad
1 wedge of watermelon
1/2 cup assorted fruit
Daily Caloric Intake:1,708

2 hours of shopping/walking
2 hours of Wii golf (76 holes)
Daily Caloric Burn: 1,209


  1. Hi there - I found your website though caloriecount and wanted to commend you! It's so inspirational seeing motivated, dedicated people get out there and reject those pounds :)

    Nicely designed blog as well!

  2. Congrats, L -- good to see focused-motivation!

    I like your blog, BTW, very good layout and color-scheme.

    As you know, my wife and I have been constantly working on our weight -- we're nowhere near where we *want* to be, but I have no doubt that if we weren't working at it we'd be far worse-off... so that's something to keep in mind: your dedication and hard-work can certainly gain you ground, but if you do nothing you will continue to lose ground.

    One exercise/diet regimen you may want to look into (if you haven't already) is called the "Caveman Diet" -- I think it makes a lot of sense, though I haven't actually done it yet (I'm tired of starting/stopping regimens so quickly, so I'm working up to it slowly)... we follow a *highly*-modified form of it... but over time I'm working on modifying more and more towards what that plan actually looks like. Check it out, I think it makes sense.

    Even if you decide it's not for you, whatever plan you settle on that works for you is what's most important -- so keep going strong!!!


    Love, Your Brother
    (Happy Birthday!)

  3. BTW, I'm curious, by "Daily Caloric Burn" what is meant by that??? Is that how many calories were burned by the 2 exercises you did??? If so, that seems high... is that accurate? If it's not that, then it seems there was a net caloric gain of about 500 calories... is that correct???

    I'm just curious because I saw that and I'm not sure whether or not you noticed it too or if I'm just misunderstanding the numbers...???

    (your brother)

  4. One more thing... I want to follow your blog, but remembering to visit your site every day won't happen for me (sorry, I'm just that way)... however, if you could take a few minutes to include RSS on your site, that would help a lot since I could put that feed into my email client and get your updates automatically. :D

    Here's a good article on how to enable RSS on your blogger-blog:

    (Your Brother)

  5. Bro,

    Yes the daily caloric burn is the amount of calories burned based on the exercises done. I thought it seemed high too but I am using a calculator at and, in speaking with the moderators of that site, am told that it's high because I weigh so much. She explained it like this: walking up a flight of stairs burns less calories than walking up a flight of stairs while carrying a 100lb bag of dog food right? Well I'm carrying that extra 100lbs everywhere I go so more calories are burned. I will have to work much harder to burn 400 calories (for example) when I weigh less. Still, I agree that it does seem high ... then again after the way I felt today, maybe it's not.

  6. Well, to be sure, I think with the exercise you've done that the 1700 calories you ate are probably low enough to be conducive to weight-loss. It *might* be a tad-high, but I wouldn't worry about it until your "stuck" for a while. Even if you eat the very lowest amount you are supposed to eat without a doctor's-supervision (1200 calories), that still only means you are exceeding that by about 500 calories -- 4 hours of activity *HAS* to burn at least that much I would think.