Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My body is so confused

Well I broke out the shake weight again last night and burned my 300 calories between that and the lunch-hour exercises I did.  You know, when I used the shake weight on Sunday night I didn't really feel much from it.  But then I popped it out again last night and went to town, timing myself with the stop-watch as I had before.  I have to say that even though my arms didn't hurt yesterday, the minute I picked the shake weight up and started shaking it last night I could feel how tired they really were! 

I woke up starving yesterday, had half a muffin and wasn't hungry at all for the entire rest of the day.  Let this be a lesson to all of you: your hunger signals are probably deceiving you!  Had I listened to mine I probably would have only eaten 500-700 calories yesterday but  I forced myself to eat the soup for lunch and the sub for dinner because, logically, I knew better.  "Temptation" cooked up sticky rolls at 10:30 p.m. and insisted I eat one so I had a half of one to shut him up.  I still came in under my caloric goal, just barely, but I felt like I was literally forcing myself to eat yesterday.  My body is so confused right now.

Looking in the mirror last night after a hot bath ... I don't know if it's just wishful thinking or not but I think I look a little bit narrower at the waist line.  Also when I hug "Temptation" it feels like his arms wrap a little farther behind my back than they used to.
3 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee with creamer
1 chocolate protein shake (yucky-poo)
1 can Progresso light italian veggie soup
4 Fresco Ranchero chicken soft taco's
1 slice cookie dough pie
8 oz white zinfandel
2.5 cups buffalo cheddar popcorn
Daily Caloric Intake: 1411

30 squats
30 lunges each leg
100 crunches
30 push-ups
15 minutes on the shake weight
Daily Caloric Burn: 428


  1. Does that shake weight thing work well for you?

  2. so far so good. I doesn't make me terribly sore but when I pick it up again the next day after using it I can feel that my arms are tired. It takes some getting used-to to keep it going like those women in the commercials and feels kind of awkward at first but it burns 12 calories a minute so that's not bad for sitting on my rump watching "Bones" after work huh? :) I haven't popped in the 6 minute dvd that comes with it yet but, according to review websites I've read, you can burn calories shaking it any way you want as long you keep it really moving back and forth. That's the hardest part because the tendency is to shake it like a baton or something but the springs are considerably harder to get shakin' the way they should.

  3. I don't normally point out the obvious but if you keep eating like that you will be 300 pounds. Those were all empty calories and all the wrong foods. To successfully keep off lost weight you have to retrain your palate to whole healthy foods. Keep eating that type of food and you will be weighing and measuring out serving sizes for the rest of your life. And before you take offense to my remarks please know that I am speaking from experience and as person who cares and wants to see you succeed.

  4. A professional trainer would tell you this - you can't do weights every day. You have to mix it up with pure cardio. Let your muscles rest for a day. The trainer at my gym said 3x a week max so MWF is my plan. I just started lifting tho and it still is difficult 2 days later.

    You need to listen to yourself and find a way to explain it to Temptation that he's sabotaging you with these goodies. No means no. Forcing it is food rape. (graphic, but to the point)

  5. Sometimes I think he is deliberately sabotaging me. I think he's afraid that my success will effect him in some way that he doesn't want it to. I don't know if he's afraid that by losing weight I might become more desirable to others or if he feels like my losing weight is putting pressure on him to lose it too. I thought, for awhile, that he was a chubby chaser but he expresses attraction for thin movie stars etc (as long as they're not too thin like Cameron Diaz).

    I mean he's not his ideal weight but he's also not obese by any stretch of the imagination so his interest in one day pushing bad food on me and, the next, offering to buy me whatever I want to help me lose weight is confusing me.

  6. It's a big change for him, too, I'm sure. Reward his good attempts, maybe he'll come 'round with practice :)