Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ouch Ouch Ouch!

Squats schmots!  About an hour after doing squats and lunges yesterday I realized that I felt partially paralyzed from the waist down.  My legs didn't hurt, mind you, they just didn't function.  Ok so they functioned but it was like I couldn't really feel them.  It was the most bazaar, curious sensation.  By dinner time they were getting worse and I realized that when I would sit down the last inch or so, before my bottom would connected with the sofa or chair, my leg muscles would just "quit" on me and I'd kind of flop the rest of the way down.

Well this morning I woke up, rolled out of bed, hit the floor, and nearly crumpled in spasms of pain.  My saddlebags are killing me!  Every time I try to stand up or sit down it feels like those muscles on the outsides of my thighs are going to snap because they are strung tighter than a piano wire on the key of high-C.  Glutamine, I definitely need to find some of that stuff.

Water drinking was easier yesterday but the calorie conundrum has struck me.  I've read about this on the message boards at and I'm perplexed that I am experiencing it so soon.  First I have a bad day where I am hungry all day and struggle to stay under my caloric limits and then I go three days or more of not feeling hungry enough to eat even 1600 calories.  Although eating less than 1600 seems ok, everyone on CalorieCount insists that this is bad and can lead to malnutrition.  I'm sure it's a form a "body tricking" as my brother mentioned in a comment on a previous post (Saturday) but it's still irritating.

I am so excited for the drive to Utah to see my family tonight.  Although it's still more than 10 hours away, I can hardly sit still because of the anticipation!

4 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee with creamer (new creamer only 20 calories per serving!)
1 honey bran muffin
1 whole large white grapefruit
1 Weinerschnitzel Classic double cheese burger
1 Weinerschnitzel Chicago style hot dog, no relish
Daily Caloric Intake:1532

Folding laundry and packing for the trip
2 hours of golf, bowling and other Wii fun with mom, dad, and "Temptation (not included in count below)
Daily Caloric Burn: 125

(I don't have my Wii calculator link here at mom's so my burn figures will be off for the rest of this week.)


  1. You really should take some motrin, especially before you go on a car trip. It will help with the swelling and pain. And while you are in the car try to wiggle your legs. The longer you sit the more lactic acid will build up and the more sore you will become. If you can stand it try to do only 5-10 squats today. It will increase the blood flow to your legs and help reduce the soreness. NOTE: It will feel like you are going to die while you are doing them. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Sorry Tia just saw this msg today. Internet was hard to find at mom's so I've more or less been offline until today with the exception of a very quick note from a cyber cafe yesterday. I need to get my hands on some of that Glutamine you suggested. Legs are feeling much better today, guess that means it's time to work them again! :)

  3. Just reading your blog and to help deal with the muscle soreness after working out, you need to increase your potassium intake immediately after working out. Eat a banana, drink unsweetened coconut water, or drink VitaminWater with potassium, as it will help prevent the buildup in Lactic Acid.

  4. Hi Steph! I didn't know bananas would help but I just happened to pick up a bunch of them last night at the store so I'll be sure to eat them after the workout from now on instead of for breakfast. Thanks!

  5. Steph's got good advice there. How many squats did you do? Maybe you overdid it.

    check the links page on my blog, there is a program online where you can work up to 100 or 200 squats.

    When was the last time you heard of an obese person actually starving to death? I'd recommend more nutritious food choice than burgers and hotdogs, though. You won't experience malnutrition if you're eating good clean (unprocessed) food for the most part, and eating when you're hungry.

  6. BANANA'S WORK!!! I will be posting about this in today's blog but just wanted to drop you all a line, especially you Steph, and say that Banana's are better than ibuprofin when it comes to muscle pain.

    Last week I did 30 squats and lunged on Tuesday and was in agony for 3 days. This week I did the same reps on Tuesday, ate a banana immediately after, and didn't feel any pain the next day. A little weak a noodely, but not painful. Last night I walked a 20 minute mile while wearing ShapeUps and my legs were on FIRE when it was over but I stretched my calves out good, had a banana and I feel nothing today!

    So the pain is semi sorta the reward but the good thing about this is I can do it again tonight! There is a marathon here in vegas on Sunday that is 14 miles in 4 hours (approx 18 minutes a mile). I can't afford to register for it but I'm going to start walking as if I were training for it.