Monday, November 29, 2010

Third Weigh-In!

So today is the post-Thanksgiving weigh-in and I have to admit I was a little nervous last night before bed.  With access to the internet I finally started looking up calories for some of the foods I ate during the holiday and realized that, even though I thought I was being somewhat smart, some of those things were shockingly high in calories.  Like the Texas Double Whopper, which I knew wasn't a great choice but I hadn't eaten much all day so I thought I'd be ok ... 1,050 calories!!!  HOLY SHMOLY!

I'm pleased to see that I still lost some weight and I know that it's probably not as much as I could have lost had I been more vigilant with my counting while at my mom's but I'm home now and back with the program.  Home cooking is all but impossible to count calories with though ... it seems like whole food items and raw foods make it a lot easier to keep track.  Fast food makes it fairly easy too but it's also fairly unhealthy.

I've set a new week-long goal for myself to burn a minimum of 300 calories per day, every day this week through exercise.  I finally got my shake weight and I used it for 30 minutes last night.  Because my arms couldn't go a full 30 minutes straight I broke out a stop-watch and would stop and start it as I needed breaks so it actually took me about 1.5 hours to complete the full 30 minutes with it.  According to what I've found online it burns about 12 calories a minute.  I don't know how accurate that is because everywhere I look I find a different number.  My arms are a little sore this morning but nothing like they would be had I worked out with a heavier weight (the shake weight is only 2.5 lbs).  But, if it really burns the calories that they say it burns, I'm happy with it.  Especially because it's something I can use at night while watching TV, though I didn't break a sweat at all with it.

4 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee with creamer
1/2 a spice muffin
1 cup Tom Ka Kai soup
1 foot long roasted chicken breast sub on 9 grain, no cheese, light mayo
>>1 serving black olives
>>2 servings onion
>>1 serving cucumbers
>>1 serving tomatoes
1 90 calorie snicker's ice cream bar
1 cup of edamame
1/2 a cinnamon roll
Daily Caloric Intake:1,593

150 crunches
30 leg lifts (side) each leg
30 leg lifts (front) each leg
10 butterfly kicks
15 minutes with the ShakeWeight
Daily Caloric Burn: 487


  1. Hey, you don't break a sweat doing a leisurely walk, either -- but walk long enough and you still burn a ton of calories!

    In other words, while it's a good thing to break a sweat, it's not the only way to burn excess calories. If you like the shake-weight and feels it helps you burn extra calories while you do sedentary-activities, then that's a good thing!


    PS: Yes, home-cooking is the hardest thing to track how well or not-well you are eating. Whole foods are much simpler to track -- and healthier, to boot. Just wish I could get my taste-buds to agree! :P

  2. I love most whole foods but my problem is mainly with their cost. Those bran muffins I had last week were really surprisingly tasty but they were also $3 a piece. Wowwy! A nice lean steak sounds delicious but a half-decent cut averages about $5 a piece and that doesn't include side dishes like, for example, a value meal might at the drive through. Even lean ground beef costs more than fatty ground beef and all the raw veggies that go into a pot pie cost more than the frozen pie itself. It's crappy I tell you! :)

    Ramen noodles cost $0.20 per package ... go freakin' figure.

  3. Progress is beautiful, and you are doing fine! Way to go YOU!

  4. Thanks Teresa! I am very thankful that you decided to follow, it helps to know that I'm not just talking to myself sometimes so your comments, and those of everyone else are so inspiring and they keep me going on doubtful days.

    Welcome Mrs. Happy Pants, thanks for following!

  5. Since you like reading labels a lot, you'll also like going to the websites of all your favorite fast food restaurants and checking the calorie counts. At BK & Mickeys? Never EVER eat beef. Every single beef product they sell contains tran fat. Trans Fat should never EVER be consumed by any living thing that you love - especially yourself. You do the research, I could go on forever.

    I suggest you change the settings on your blog to allow you to moderate comments, btw. That way if somebody is trying to post something that you find offensive, you don't have to publish it.

    Had I seen this post earlier I would've suggested that you read Allan's blog for a few weeks to determine whether or not it was right for you. He works hard and has little patience for those who don't. He'll help anyone he can, but it's not all sunshine and roses so if you need a Jillian Michaels with a nasty mouth, he's your guy, but if you're a sensitve free spirit kinda gal, no play there.

  6. I hit fast food websites constantly looking for nutritional info and calories. It's sad because fast food almost makes counting easier than home cooking ... it's all part of the fast food industry's evil scheme. I am convinced that their CEO's own private stock in weight-loss/diet products so that they can burn both ends of the candle, so to speak.

    I'm not necessarily sensitive but I am "play by my own rules", very independent. Allan is a very nice guy, strict, but nice I think. I'm fully aware that different plans and programs work for different people based on personal taste, life-style, etc. I don't begrudge anyone their chosen method; heck my brother is considering something called "the caveman diet" and my sister has decided to just starve herself. Of course I've tried talking to my sister because her plan is going to bite her in the long run but, for the most part I look at dieting like I do religion and politics. It's all individual choice and the "right way" is a personal journey for everyone.

  7. Oh yeah, Alan is a very nice guy - NOT

  8. Well I will admit his comments about me on his blog riled me at first but ... that said, I gave it some thought after I calmed down and realized that "sensationalism sells". Had he said "hey go check out this calorie counter who's only been at for three weeks" I might have gotten one, maybe two visits. As it is, the way he wrote it everyone came here to "see for themselves" and many of your recognized that he stretched the truth. Changing a 1 to a 4 so it looked like a bran muffin, a grapefruit, a cheese burger and a hot dog added up to over 4,000 calories in a single day, for example. Lots of people seemed to come by this blog just to barrage me for eating 4,500 calories in a single day - it wasn't true but they stopped by none-the-less. I'm over the insult I felt yesterday and, in fact, suspect that he may have said what he did simply because he knew it would give me more exposure than the truth.

    At any rate, I'm happy that you're all here. More followers means A) more people to come up with weekly challenges for me. B) More incentive to succeed because one of my greatest fears is public failure and, I'll be honest here, C) a few more cents a day earned off those lousy google adsense banners in the right margin. ;) Hey if I can make some change and lose weight at the same time, why not right?