Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stress Thwarts Weightloss

So I just completed my final essays for the COM156 and HUM176 classes (English and Media Studies) and have submitted them for grading.  In my first glass this year (SCI162) I learned that the chemicals that our bodies naturally produce during periods of stress actually facilitate the accumulation of stomach fat.  There are actually two kinds of belly fat, the stuff directly under the skin that jiggles when we walk and the stuff that exists deeper within, around our organs and is fairly solid.  This second type of fat comes from stress-eating and is the only type of fat specifically linked to heart disease.  YAY STRESS!  (Yes I am being sarcastic).  These were two of the toughest classes I've ever had and the essays for them were really deep so I'm stressin'.  I can actually feel my heartbeat increasing as I talk about it.

NEW SUBJECT: Did you know that some popsicles only have 45 calories?  I didn't either until I went label reading through the freezer last night.  Did you all check out that article in my daily thoughts?  If not here's the link.   So the guy actually lost weight while eating snack cakes but he included protein shakes, vitamins and veggies to compensate for nutritional value.  Awesome!  No I am not going on a snack-cake diet, don't worry, but I now know that if he can do it with snack cakes by simply counting calories, I can do it by counting calories with the healthier food that I'm eating too.

The protein shake doesn't seem like a half-bad idea.  "Temptation" took the Hoodia pills with him to work today in case he's in the area of a GNC.  I told him I wanted a ShakeWeight and to price protein shakes.  I'm not having him get a protein shake for me though because, if they're affordable, I am going to want to read labels, ingredients, calories, daily values, etc to make sure I'm just getting a protein shake and not some kind of performance enhancing formula or something for body builders.

5 glasses of water
1 cup coffee with creamer
1 cup of white rice with lemon pepper
1 whole tomato sliced with salt and pepper
2 slices white american cheese
12 inch oven roasted chicken breast sub on 9 grain bread, no cheese
>5 tomato slices
>7 cucumber slices
>2 oz black olives
>1/2 cup sliced onions
>1 Tbsp light mayo
>1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 ice cream snickers bar
Daily Caloric Intake:1,466

60 minutes of step aerobics on the Wii Fit (Ki, here's your cardio! :) )
Daily Caloric Burn: 336

(This seems a little low considering how hard I am breathing and how much sweating I did but it's the only Wii Calorie Calc I can find.  Oh well ... I know I burned SOMETHING.  I'm exhausted but it was insanely fun!)


  1. I feel that pain. Oh, I HATED my class last sub-term. I think one day academia will realize that brains just don't work that well on stress and try something better.

    I hope.


  2. As far as high-quality protein shakes go, may I recommend "Bomber's Blend" produced by famous body-builder from the 1950's, Dave Draper.

    My wife and I have been ordering and drinking his protein for about 6 years now. Per serving, it's the highest-quality protein we've ever examined. It's not terribly expensive either, seems about on-par with most. What we like about it best is that it has an incredibly high protein-to-carb ratio (so many mixes only have a moderate amount of protein and a high amount of carbs)... per serving this mix gives you a whopping 36gm of protein and a bare-bones 4gm of carbs! There are also a lot of other good things about his mix (you can read all about it at the link above), including the fact that he combines several different forms of protein so that you have a quicker-absorbed type for immediate-benefit as well as slower-absorbed types that take your body hours to digest and utilize... giving your body literally hours of protein-support in a single-serving. For weight-loss this is pretty important since part of weight-loss includes a near impossible-to-avoid problem of muscle-loss -- and part of the battle in avoiding that includes keeping a relatively high-amount of usable protein in your system (since muscle-loss is slowed/hindered in the presence of proteins).

    A side-effect of his low-carb formula is both a benefit and a detractor: his formula, though you can get it in vanilla and chocolate, is very mild in flavor... the lack of large amount of sugar make it have a very mild taste. If you haven't eaten anything in a bit and drink his formula, you can taste it and it tastes fine (my wife, when comparing to a lot of other shakes, prefers this one's taste over almost all of the others) -- but if you have just eaten something prior, sometimes his formula can taste so bland it's almost tasteless. Like I said, although that at first *SOUNDS* like a down-side, it's also an up-side: many other shakes leave a funny after-test (this one doesn't), and most shakes are so strong that you can't really mix other things in them and have them turn out too well -- this one allows you to mix in fruits and such and makes it taste GREAT. Also, if you want to just get in your protein (with almost no taste) and then immediately have something totally different (like a sandwich), this one doesn't really interfere with your sandwich-flavors.

    We like this one a lot -- generally order it in a case of 6 at a time, but you can order just 1 at a time too.

    Another reason we buy this one is because Dave and his wife Laree are such incredibly nice people (haven't met them, but have talked via email several times) who personally service their customers themselves... no large corporate place you have to deal with... when you email about something, you are talking with Laree. That's nice. :)

    (your brother)

  3. Thanks for the info. I've emailed Laree to ask her just a few questions about Bombers Blend. Mainly questions related to my hormone issues and the way most supplements and vitamins make me sick to my tummy. I am looking forward to hearing back from her.

  4. If your goal is to lose weight, that crazy diet might work - at least short term. I don't think it's going to be very successful, though, if your long-term goal is to be healthy. yuck.

  5. Oh no the guy that did the Twinki diet was a dietician and he did it strictly for experimental purposes. He does not recommend that anyone do it to actually lose weight, he was only trying to prove the point that calories in and calories out is one way to lose weight, regardless of food choice.

    I find it mostly interesting but I also recognize the importance of fruit, veggies, whole grains etc.

    Readers: Please please don't try a Twinkie diet! My sister proclaimed she was going to do it when I told her about the experiment and I spent an hour emphasizing to her that it's a very bad idea. It was just an experiment, short term, conducted by a professional. The article should say "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!" on it.